How to Do a Dumbbell Row | Back Workout

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Hey Guys, this is Max Tapper again for Howcast. And today I'm going to show you how to do a dumbbell row on the bench. Alright? Obviously that's going to be a one arm dumbbell row and it's going to target our lats, our rear delts, our rhomboids, our biceps, our forearms, so tons of muscles in this. And this is what I would call a prime exercise. So these are one of the exercises that if you're really looking to add some strength or size to your lats, these are going to be one of the ones that you're going to definitely go to. Basically you're able to lift the most amount of weight and you're going to be in a very stable position. Okay?

So this is what it's going to look like. Come along. We're going to get one knee on the bench, other leg out to the side. The reason that I like to do that is I like to put your abdominals over the floor. A lot of people do it differently where they are staggering their leg this way and you're going to put more tension on your lower back. So my version is going to be a lot safer. It may be harder to do but a lot safer and more effective. Okay?

Leg out to the side, stomach over the floor and we're going to grab a hold of this dumbbell. Now, the first thing you want to think about when you grab the dumbbell is let's use your hand as a hook. Instead of thinking of squeezing that dumbbell and putting everything into your bicep and your forearm, we're going to use it as a hook and think of lifting our elbow back. Alright? So that's a very important key to really isolate that lat muscle.

We're going to grab a hold, slowly lift, one. Allow yourself to extend down, back again, allow yourself to go step down. Now, this is the dumbbell row.

The one mistake a lot of people make is using their legs. Okay? Now, if you're using your legs then what you're effectively doing is making that weight lighter. So majority of the time when you see people lifting a weight that's too heavy for them, they're using their legs. So if you see this on your extension, up, that weight is too heavy for you, okay? We need to lock those legs in, your back's going to be stable, and you're going to allow your shoulder to drop maybe that is the only thing that'll happen. Contract and pull but the legs don't move.

Alright guys? So remember, use the hands as a hook. It's going to be so effective. This is an excellent exercise to really target those back muscles. This is going to be one of the top three that I do. I love dumbbell rows, I do them all the time and I think you should too.

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  1. SukMa Dek / September 5, 2015

    I only clicked the video cuz i thought that was Michael Keegan from Kay and
    Peele in the thumbnail…

    • ThreshPrinceOfBelAir / September 23, 2015

      +SukMa Dek
      Dude I was about to say “I didn’t know K&P did fitness HowTos” damn it.

  2. David Cyrus / September 9, 2015

    His nipples are missing

  3. WEST SIDE LOC / October 5, 2015

    hi i am 17 years old is this wheight exersises gonna affern my size
    development ?

    • Joe Marley / January 7, 2016

      Sounds like your brain needs to be developed first.

    • anudewalrus / February 9, 2016

      +Joe Marley savage

    • allen green / May 19, 2016

      +Joe Marley that’s mean lol

  4. al3meedhb / December 12, 2015

    أصلي عليك ياوحش

  5. Twizzlin / December 21, 2015

    Do I put ur weight on knee or foor

    • Twizzlin / December 21, 2015


    • Gandoe Dyck / May 4, 2016

      +Twizzlin foot & knee, just try to think of your lower part as one whole.
      it functions like a building foundation.

  6. Elin Jakobsson / January 8, 2016

    Is the not-rowing-shoulder supposed to look like that? I thought you where
    supposed to avoid that?

  7. Ivan Golubić / January 14, 2016

    Mate, im getting crazy fockin results with this after only a month!

    • Mack Klanes / February 9, 2016

      +Ivan Golubić Yeah almost got hand bitten off by pike.

    • Sean Bateson / May 6, 2016

      yeah blew up my lats after doing back twice a week for 3 months

    • DBZNineTailedSpirit / July 20, 2016

      +Sean Bateson How long were the sessions twice a week?

  8. MonstorTapok / January 18, 2016

    wow, great explanation, thanks a lot!

  9. Sniper123 123 / March 1, 2016

    This guy usin steroid?

  10. Elevate / April 1, 2016

    I have the same exact shorts.

  11. Dima Pis / April 12, 2016

    Camera angles are really really bad. Hope that cameraman got fired 3 years

  12. Eric Hansen / April 25, 2016

    Nice, clear explanation. No fluff. Thanks.

  13. Dick Johnson / May 6, 2016

    Protracting the shoulder too much, don’t do that.

    • catbatbomb / June 9, 2016

      Ok, glad I wasn’t the only one who saw that…

    • Dick Johnson / June 9, 2016

      +catbatbomb Nope. Dude, whats with the Bernie avatar?

  14. Ian Anthony / May 25, 2016

    u sound like a guy who should be on a kids show, try to get the part for
    blues clues, m8

  15. jake rowland / June 22, 2016

    Thanx for the help

  16. Khalym Kari Burke-Thomas / June 27, 2016

    Thanks! Love your videos!

  17. Two Scoops / June 29, 2016

    He looks like a buff version of the guy from key and peele.

  18. SergeantArxelCone / July 2, 2016

    Thanks max, even your tips can really make a difference.

  19. Please Kill Yourself / July 17, 2016

    Will 25 lb. dumbbell rows strengthen my back muscles (LATS) and biceps??

    • Please Kill Yourself / July 20, 2016

      +DBZNineTailedSpirit Thank you. It’s somewhat heavy bc I have (2) 25 lbs

    • Thijs / August 5, 2016

      May be better to get some dumbells with those interchangable weights so you
      can make them heavier or lighter based on the excercise. Rows and things
      like chestpresses require much heavier weights than something like tricep
      extensions. If they have modular weights already, try putting all the
      heavier weights on one dumbell so you get one heavy dumbell to do this
      excercise. Remember, ‘somewhat heavy’ is most likely not enough for real

    • Please Kill Yourself / August 5, 2016

      +Thijs L

    • Shock / August 6, 2016

      use weights that are heavy enough to be challenging to get through the
      first 2 sets, but not heavy to where your posture messes up. find the right
      balance and ur strength will skyrocket, especially if ur a beginner at the

    • Please Kill Yourself / August 6, 2016

      +Shock thanks man!!

  20. Xenaca / July 20, 2016

    Definitely going to try the hook thing in the morning. Other than that I
    was surprised to see that I pretty much already do everything else as you

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