How to Do Bicep Curls

Getting big biceps means doing curls and lifting dumbbell weights. Learn how to do biceps curls to workout the muscles in this weightlifting video.

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  1. Einar Örn Kallestad / March 5, 2015

    wow, the wife from king of queens got jacked

    • melikai187 / May 19, 2015

      +Einar Örn Kallestad I’m pretty sure that isn’t Lea Remini

    • Einar Örn Kallestad / May 19, 2015

      +melikai187 i was kidding

    • chocolatesaus / June 12, 2015

      Hahahaha ı thought the same

    • Space Cow / May 24, 2016


  2. King Alistair / June 21, 2015

    normal voice = no steroids = good

  3. Azeem mughal / July 25, 2015

    Helpfull video tumbs up

  4. Sarah Parnell / October 9, 2015

    Start the gym 2 months ago and loving it want to look like Michelle Trapp
    and start a 5 day programme where can i find best all body workout? 42yrs 9
    stone 11 from UK Michelle you look fabulous

  5. Dashona Hubbard / October 22, 2015

    Thank you so much Michelle. I just follwed this form while doing my bicep
    curls and I felt it so much,more. i really feel like I properly worked my
    biceps! :)

  6. Ashira Zedlav / November 12, 2015

    Hi for begginer how many KG should I use?

    • pnagorny / November 16, 2015

      +Ashira Zedlav I’d say that the weight you choose is the one that you can
      do curls with for 8-10 reps, 3-4 sets in a way that’s shown in the video.
      So it mostly depends on your own feeling: you try 20kg and see if you can
      do that, then 25, etc. And stop at the highest level you can get while
      keeping the form and number of curls and not straining yourself too much.
      Then increase weight over time.

  7. David Curry / December 25, 2015

    Ya get guns lik deez :B

  8. Vincent Shellacque / January 10, 2016

    Sexy girl.

  9. jsnowbrien / January 23, 2016

    I was doing bicep curls just a minute ago as I was maxing out on my left
    arm I felt a strange tingle. Immediately red line that looked like a
    scratch appeared for 10 minutes on the inside of my arm exactly where I
    felt the tingle. Is this normal?

    • Epicleeb / March 22, 2016

      +jsnowbrien You probably popped a vein or something

    • almaflowers1 / July 9, 2016

      so what was it?

  10. Brigata Nera / February 9, 2016

    Che bella donna

  11. blood raven / March 13, 2016

    your strong but you could be stronger

  12. priestof1 / April 15, 2016

    cute ending

  13. Nady Meawad / April 17, 2016

    That’s was very helpful thanks you for all great video.. Hope to see more
    great videos. Thanks again.

  14. Justmadethisemailtotalkshit Last / May 3, 2016

    Great video!!

  15. Craig Foutz / May 13, 2016

    I like to imagine myself in such great shape that I could belong in the
    same world. I found the training videos inspired me to take some weight off
    and be a bit more gentle on myself while lifting. Only way a fitness
    program will last for me over the long run is if I am able to take it easy
    sometimes while still performing the exercises. Michelle Trapp = Inspiring

  16. DJPRETTYROX / June 11, 2016

    I love your arms

  17. Big AK / June 28, 2016

    You tell um girl! Perfect Form! This girl is hilarious after watching Kali
    and all these lung heads throw around heavy weight.

  18. TheBooban / July 25, 2016

    I don’t agree with letting the arms go so for down. It kills the ligaments
    and hurts for me.

  19. Youssef / July 27, 2016

    She looks so manly not good

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