How To Get A Six Pack In 3 Minutes For A Kid

How To Get A Six Pack In 3 Minutes For A Kid, This is me showing you, WEBSITE! –

This is the best 8 minute ab workout ever! If you want to get a six pack in 3 minutes you came to the right place, In this video I will be doing six pack abs workout and It's tough! I will truly show you how to get a six pack in 3 minutes not only for a kid. But also for adults or even 9 10 or 11 kids. Ok what's the real secret to get a six pack in 3 minutes ? There is none there no magic pill that gets you abs in minutes or a workout that gets you a six pack, what gets you a abs is eating right, working out and doing a whole bunch of cardio. You don't have to be skinny to get a six pack in 3 minutes you just have to have less than 10% body fat. I will admit this ab workout for getting six pack is temporary but within 1 month if you do this workout 3 days a week with cardio, you will see results

Whats all the fuss about a six pack anyways? 3 minute ab workouts claiming This video will get you a six pack within 3 minutes time and they never work! We'll If you really want to know how to. Go ahead and comment below! And I will teach you the ways to get a six pack with nutrition working out, jump rope ect.. Howtosbybros is happy to help you with anything you need How to wise. We now are running out of video Ideas we need you're feedback. Ok guys I hate to break it to you but it takes time in order to get a six pack, not 3 minutes. Although this ab workout is the best on the planet it still won't get you abs unless you do this everyday for 1 month and you will get a six pack if you do that. There's no magic pill for getting abs. As much as you don't want to hear that, although its true. six pack shortcuts is not always going to work (never does) Here at howtosbybros, we are all about being realistic so theres not secret.

Knowing how to get six pack abs in 3 minutes is crucial since summer is right around the corner. Actually its almost over lol, Anyway everyone wants six pack abs so it's good all year round. Getting a six pack abs is not easy guys! It will take time and dedication, If you think you're gonna get a six pack in 3 minutes in one day you better get off this video, it will take time. Thank you so much for watching and commenting it really means a lot, I just hope you guys do this workout often. If you guys enjoyed the video on how to get six pack in 3 minutes be sure to subscribe

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  1. Impractical Sal / April 25, 2016

    “How to get a six pack in three minutes (8 minute killer ab work out)”

    Man you need some milk

  2. EnormiTy / May 5, 2016

    I barely did one and I farted

    • suomalainen / July 25, 2016

      +Vfxicater ;D

    • Adolf Hitler / July 29, 2016

      *EnormiTy’s* new account: *xxX_FUEHRER_Xxx*
      Hitler is done on war and just wants to go on a restaurant on Argentine but
      noooooo…. Gorig has to finish everything in the table. Why i should
      attempt things like this? I can’t even do a push-up lol
      I also have a weak digestive system which is the reason i fart every time i

    • #DavidRulesAtPvp 9 / August 6, 2016

      u did that joke to ur the second person that said that same joke lol

    • #DavidRulesAtPvp 9 / August 6, 2016

      +Adolf Hitler I Will Look For U, … I Will Find U … ..,,.,…….. And I
      Will Eat U *-*

  3. Bjarki Pony love / May 18, 2016

    you cant get a sixpack in three minutes it’s just biologically impossible

    • Rattatadonker / July 25, 2016

      it takes 9 months. cause everybody has a six pack but its not so visible
      without training.

    • Clash PLAYR / July 28, 2016

      +Rattatadonker true

    • Justinator / July 29, 2016

      It is usually covered with fat

    • Bjarki Pony love / August 2, 2016


    • Sinnoh Squad / August 6, 2016

      +Clorox Bleach I’ve seen you everywhere lol

  4. HappyCraft02 / May 27, 2016

    How the f*ck do you do v ups?!

    • THE X15 randomness / July 17, 2016

      I did it but I’m fucking sweaty

    • __RP 10__ / July 24, 2016

      they are so easyyy… u also need to be quite flexible to do them.. just
      keep trying

    • Daniel Dunlea / August 4, 2016

      IKR WTF

  5. Kwon Schneider / June 7, 2016

    Wait in three minutes. But the workout is eight minutes??? Dafuq

    • Azgor / July 27, 2016

      click bait

    • Typical Ninja / July 27, 2016

      I’m not stupid, I was right. I said 8:59 becasue he has to do it. He is not
      going to go do that and that then your done. Plus, you call me stupid? When
      you don’t know how to spell. It’s you’re not ur. #burn

    • Kennean Noggle / August 4, 2016

      It just means you have to do it for three minutes a day

  6. Mute Angle / June 8, 2016

    I can do it legit I just need some spray paint

    • Max Flegea / July 22, 2016


    • Jayvon Malpica / July 30, 2016

      +Abdullah Alsharafi my friend sent it to me and I thought it was a how to
      basic thing

    • Drake dejaynes / August 4, 2016


  7. jdean Wilson / June 8, 2016

    after doing this my chest feels like a stove

    • Hannah Climie / July 19, 2016

      Do you have a 6 pack?

    • Jose Lopez / July 27, 2016

      +Hannah Climie i do have one and i did not do the thing

  8. Mr. Tenor sax / June 12, 2016

    Who cares about a six pack. I will just keep my one pack

    • Faisal299 / July 28, 2016

      *5 pack butt cheeks stomach and your nipple things

    • Mr. Tenor sax / July 30, 2016

      +Faisal299 nipple things???. LOL. I look up to you now

    • James Ward / August 2, 2016

      now that’s just discosting

    • #DavidRulesAtPvp 9 / August 6, 2016

      lol i have a 5 pack Stupid Genetits

  9. Jacob Morgan / June 12, 2016

    Oh my, his planks are really cringy., he needs to keep his back straight
    and engage dem abs

    • Jana Hotwagner / July 30, 2016

      Everyone stop showing off how you can do 5-6 minute planks or how u do 10
      minute planks for fun honestly i don’t think anyone cares about u doing
      planks so just stop?

    • totally random panda / July 31, 2016

      +Jana Hotwagner yes u g

    • Dylan Chaiyakum / August 5, 2016

      +John Cassol not after 4 other ab workouts concessively.

  10. Klarenz YT / June 14, 2016

    nah i have 100% Fat

    • angelic branch / July 27, 2016

      +Clorox Bleach I see u in every comment on videos???

    • #DavidRulesAtPvp 9 / August 6, 2016

      I have 0.1percent fat

    • #DavidRulesAtPvp 9 / August 6, 2016

      +angelic branch dood samee i see him every video

    • angelic branch / August 6, 2016

      +#DavidRulesAtPvp 9 dude* and lol

  11. yabsira gebrewubet / June 15, 2016

    It didn’t work I still have man tits

    • Agustín Bell / August 2, 2016

      well if your fat obviously this wont make you have a six pack but it will
      be a good exersize

    • Voltcity / August 4, 2016

      Well, that worked for me. If it’s hurt your six packs means that you got
      it. Try to do it more. I owned six packs now haha. Ty for the video.

    • Oliver Holliday / August 5, 2016

      At least you’re not an anorexic???

  12. Yasmin Sahota / June 15, 2016

    *starts doing plank*
    ‘Ok guys so have good form straight back’
    *his back is the shape of Kim k’s butt’

    • EFLU3NCE / July 26, 2016

      finally someone notice lol @yasmin Sahota

    • Ray Star / August 2, 2016

      yea he’s not doing that right

    • Daniel Dunlea / August 4, 2016

      +xxXRealtutorialsXxx yea

  13. Absolute / June 20, 2016

    If you do It sort of right It’ll make a huge difference

  14. Kelvin Larrimore / June 21, 2016

    Thx now I’m skinny and now with a six pack

    • Affan Taj / July 27, 2016

      Do you loose weight when you do this

    • Kid Trashy / August 1, 2016

      Guys it works but it takes more time to build your body

  15. Sydney Berggren / June 21, 2016

    All of the “lets go guys!” and the “you can do it!” ‘s were so confusing to
    me. I sat on the couch eating ice cream while watching this.

    • Jonny Playz / July 28, 2016

      +xXBatman_BricksXx are u serious. if u are that’s disgusting

    • David Lopez / July 30, 2016


  16. Cathrine Holm / June 22, 2016

    i weigh like between 37-39 and i am about 161 cm a girl at 13 yrs so very
    thin tbh but how long would it take me to get a 6pack?

    • Gucci05423 / July 14, 2016

      +Shadlone Green lol

    • December Babyy / July 22, 2016

      Are you anorexic?

    • LeBron James (im sorry king) / July 30, 2016

      Kilograms… Theres only 3 countries in the world that don’t use the metric

  17. xXda-beast-1Xx / July 11, 2016

    Does this get rid of man titis :3

    • Spectre Sooze / July 12, 2016

      +xXda-beast-1Xx I was fat before and I lost all of it and now kinda have a
      six pack but yes use the belt it helps?

    • xXda-beast-1Xx / July 14, 2016

      +Spectre Sooze kk ty

    • mcdestroyer / August 6, 2016

      lol omfg

  18. Samu Heikkilä / July 12, 2016

    I got a problem… I got 7 pack :(

    • Fireball / August 1, 2016

      i HAVE A 0 PACK 😀

    • TheStylishGamer / August 1, 2016

      I got a fat pack XD

    • Levon Tostig / August 1, 2016

      +TheStylishGamer omg same!!!!

    • Pooperscoo 101 / August 5, 2016

      I have a 12 pack. What can I say? They come cheaper by the dozen!

  19. Spodermen / July 17, 2016

    Who else started eating faster when he said “last minute guys!”?

  20. That Pokemon Girl / July 30, 2016

    YUP I got a six pack……….of pudding cups from Walmart XD

    • Unique Simmer / July 30, 2016

      xD ???

    • DifferentBoy / July 31, 2016

      your funny that patty

    • #DavidRulesAtPvp 9 / August 6, 2016

      the best way to get a six pack is to go up to a fence with no shirt and
      press against it and boom u either get a six pack or a 8 pack

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