How to Get Big Arms – MUCH FASTER!! (Triceps and Biceps)

How to Get Big Arms –

Most guys that workout want to know how to get big arms. The problem is that they wind up doing hours of the wrong types of biceps exercises, the wrong biceps workouts, and sometimes even neglect just how important the triceps are to adding size to the arms. Well, in this video, I'm going to show you that it is possible to get big arms much faster by including a couple of the right biceps exercises and triceps exercises into your arm workouts.

To begin with, in order to get the biceps to peak more you will want to work on the long head of the biceps since it is largely responsible for the biceps peak. The long head of the biceps can be stimulated more with biceps exercises that start with the arm in an extended position behind the body. You can do this with an incline biceps curl, but you won't be able to lift as much weight as you can on the biceps exercise that I show you here.

Next you'll want to work on specific triceps exercises when trying to get much bigger arms a lot faster. Since the triceps muscle accounts for roughly two thirds of the mass of the arm you'll want to make sure you train them in every complete arm workout. The triceps exercise shown here will help you to get big arms much faster because it hits the long head of the triceps more – which makes up the bulk of the triceps muscle.

By putting the triceps on a bigger stretch, you'll be able to handle more weight and get a stronger contraction – allowing you to get big arms much faster than with typical triceps workouts.

How to Get Big Arms – MUCH FASTER!! (Triceps and Biceps)

Once you start to see just how much you can lift on these arm exercises and the results you will start to see from doing them, you'll realize just how fast you can build big arms. This is most likely due to the fact that each of these exercises add size to the arms. The biceps drag curl adds height to the arms while the triceps extension exercise adds width to the triceps.

For more great ways to get big arms make sure to check out the other arm workouts and biceps exercises and triceps exercises that we have here on our youtube channel at

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  1. Jean-Luc ANDRE / December 15, 2013

    Not sure the triceps bench/pull is good for the shoulders because it extend
    and internally rotate the shoulders.

    • Torrentz 4 Life / July 18, 2016

      It looks kinda creepy

    • LexieDaian / July 21, 2016

      hahaha yeah he did get destroyed, i think in short, when arguing with jeff,
      the comments tells you everything, instead of debating he jumps on to talk
      about his qualifications or whatever, nobody asked you lmfao

    • I_Buy Houses / July 29, 2016

      +Bruce Lui sheesh! lol

  2. msherwood / April 24, 2016

    curls in the squat rack, jeff? come on… are you trying to get us to be
    the gym’s most hated?

  3. TheNyanCatSquad / May 17, 2016

    This dude has like 4 percent body fat, Jesus

    • Fahd Ajmi / June 27, 2016

      It’s not good for you because the body needs fat to increase power and

    • Chuck Norris / July 2, 2016

      He’s at a health body fat % he’s not shredded but he’s lean

    • Danny Hermosillo / July 4, 2016

      +Chuck Norris Yes he’s shredded, he has 5% body fat

    • Daniel Morris / July 14, 2016

      why are you telling Jesus?

  4. Alex K / May 21, 2016

    This bicep excessive really does work. I’ve gained 3/4 of an inch on my
    arms after doing it for 3 months.

    • Surprisedguy s / June 18, 2016

      actually arms recover really fast xD, it’s not a big mucle so actually you
      can train them everyday except some of the days there will be only one
      exercise for biceps and triceps

    • Alex K / June 18, 2016

      +Surprisedguy s I’m talking about hard intense bicep only days. Yes I get
      the biceps in on other days but only train hard on them once a week.
      Remember that everyone is different and what works for me may not work for
      you and vice Versa.

    • Utkarsh Pandey / June 21, 2016

      Is Jeff gripping the bar with his fingers or via a fist. This is because it
      seems he is forming a fist to grip the bar. But he told us to grip using

    • Danny Hermosillo / July 4, 2016

      +Surprisedguy s Definitely not everyday of the week, at most 3

    • CONDUCTOR WE HAVE A PROBLEM / July 6, 2016

      no do not train biceps every day. you may use them as secondary muscles
      every day but don’t ever go to the gym and start doing curls every single
      day, you’ll do way more harm than good

  5. TheDarkKnight / June 8, 2016

    every time jeff flexes his biceps mountains shatter.

    • colin chapman / July 26, 2016

      there nice but not as well rounded as say arnie’s used to be the peak would
      be better if it was a little wider and tapered more gradually

      but very impressive none the less and winners don’t use drugs so props to
      you !!!!

    • TheDarkKnight / July 26, 2016

      +colin chapman if you think arnold’s biceps were amazing wait til you see
      this guy named albert beckles, holy crap the peak is amazing. to bad he
      never won a mr Olympia.

  6. Buggin. OG / June 24, 2016

    His bicep peak looks a rock implant

  7. PewDiePie PewDiePie / June 30, 2016

    is this a steroid free body?

    • Thomas GoldDust / July 4, 2016


    • zack ouyang / July 13, 2016

      I think he is natural

    • GenomeSoldier71 / July 22, 2016

      This is achievable without drugs, but not easily at all. Jeff’s life is
      fitness, so not many people put the time and effort into training like he

    • Lidiot Lee / July 28, 2016

      he is so natural you poop probably has more drugs in it than his body

  8. Greg Suto / July 1, 2016

    I’ve never seen another man stare so intensely at his right bicep

  9. Greg Suto / July 1, 2016

    he’s like grow mother fucker grow

  10. Tommy Maurer / July 7, 2016

    Why are my wrists hurting when i do the curls?

    • Ice Cold / July 14, 2016

      I had that same pain for the month or two of working out , mine went away
      with time

    • Marvin Delgado / July 18, 2016

      It’s not that you have weak wrist. If you use the bench bar your wrist will
      hurt but if you used and eazy bar it won’t hurt your wrist as much.

    • 7LeggedOctopusTV / July 21, 2016

      Something that helps me is not wrapping my thumb around the bar, like put
      your thumb under the bar with the rest of your hand. You’ll still be able
      to grip the bar well. Idk works for me.

    • LexieDaian / July 21, 2016

      instead you should focus on strengthening your wrist muscle instead of
      using wrist wraps

  11. Thomas Beaudry / July 8, 2016

    That triceps extension he’s talking about seems to be a major strain on the
    rotator cuff.

  12. CasleX / July 10, 2016

    I bet doctors love when body builders have to have blood collected.

  13. blownonpurp / July 16, 2016

    Wait what about foresrms?

    • hey billy / July 18, 2016

      most arm workouts also hit fourarms

    • blownonpurp / July 18, 2016

      +Michael Keating lol, I was talking about how skinny his forearms look in
      the thumbnail.

  14. mahalik brooks / July 24, 2016

    you should grow a beard
    youll be looking kickass

    • OpinionatedMonk / August 2, 2016

      Or another dumbass hipster. And that’s why he doesn’t.

  15. Jade Lockett / July 29, 2016

    I heard tearing the muscles helps it gets stronger? is that right

  16. shane ford / July 30, 2016

    looks kinda brutal on the shoulders lol

  17. Blubberlover5312 / August 3, 2016

    pullups and chins ups are gods gift to your arms

  18. Lucas silva vieira / August 6, 2016

    There is something telling me, perhaps just a feel, that this man knows
    things about biceps… ya know?

  19. thunder86440 / August 7, 2016

    Guys I am 17 and just started going to the gym. Since I have been going to
    the gym( started Monday) my arms have been killing me. Keep in mind I
    haven’t been lifting heavy weights. I have just been trying to perfect my
    form. Will the pain go away as my body gets used to lifting?

    • Shepherd Stone / August 7, 2016

      Sourness is always going to be there, but yeah after a while of working out
      it Dies down A LOT.. Just push through the pain

  20. karlik zm / August 7, 2016

    sry but its total wrong techniques

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