How to Get Big Arms Simple Exercise for Biceps with Victor Costa Vicsnatural

How to Get Big Arms Simple Exercise Trick Can Help Biceps Grow with Victor Costa Vicsnatural
Vic's Workout and Diet Program

How to Build Bigger Biceps. Simple Trick Can Help Biceps Grow.
Want to learn How to Get Big Arms and Biceps naturally? Well, it begins with a plan. It's not always about working harder, in fact, sometimes that can work against you. It is however, about working smarter. If you want to know How to Get Big arms and Biceps, there are a few simple rules to follow. The Best Biceps Workout advice is not to overtrain. Biceps are delicate muscles and require much less work than you think. The second piece of Best Biceps Workouts advice is not to pick up the exercise in the traps, shoulders, and neck. The third, and most important piece of The Best Arms and Biceps Workout Advice is to never just throw your hands up and simply say, " I'm not genetically gifted".
Victor Costa specializes in techniques that allow people to unlock the body that they have always wanted. Continue to watch Vic's videos and get an education on not only How to Get Arms and Big Biceps, but to change just about anything you want. Your subscription to these videos is greatly appreciated. Please subscribe and say Hello on Facebook and visit the personal site of Victor Costa ,
Peace, Vic

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  1. NatSherman / November 23, 2013

    is that retro gym in bklyn?

  2. m00nshine2004 / November 23, 2013

    This guy has to have the best ‘clean’ body on the net. 

    • vicsnatural / November 24, 2013

      Greatly appreciated Peace, Vic

  3. Andrew S / November 24, 2013

    Make more and longer vids please!!

  4. Aesthetic Manz / November 24, 2013

    Hi, I have been lifting for 6 years on and off due to various injuries,
    never used a steroids, HGH, peptides or pro-hormones in my life. Vic’s
    ideas and methods work. I’ve been following his advice for 2 years and can
    see a ‘drug-like’ 3D musculature look that everyone else cant seem to
    believe is natural.

  5. Zed Grace / November 24, 2013

    i just tried this now and it burns like hell. thanks!

  6. lucabrazi36 / November 24, 2013

    I always learn something new from watching your videos. Excellent!!

  7. danzki / November 24, 2013

    I have this problem with chest :/ Im beginner and whenever I do chest
    workouts i feel only the “front” of shoulders and arms… 

  8. Clayton Ryan / December 9, 2013

    Vic, I am a recent recovering alcoholic, but I don’t like the word
    recovering (I literally just gave it up for good after 16 yrs). But I’ve
    always worked out throughout the years, moreso serious around 2001-02 and
    saw results, but that was when I was 25(testosterone peak time), now I’m
    almost 38 and quitting alcohol has made an already great difference. I’m
    5’7, 140 lbs wet, and I work one muscle group a day and mixed with a few
    compound exercises. I do the warm up set with decent amount of weight, then
    do less reps more weight, 3 sets to failure most of the time. I do this
    with about 5 exercises each day. I stick with mostly free weights and work
    the negative on all of these. Point of this post, I’m on creatine, whey,
    NO3, and Ravage(energy)…I see a difference in my body but I’m wondering
    if it’s just the workouts anyway, not the supplements. I eat pretty clean,
    I’m gluten free, eat lots of cottage cheese, chicken, veggies, etc…I just
    need to eat more. My guilty pleasure is Doritos lol. I know what the
    supplements are suppose to do but do I need these? I’d rather spend my
    money on more food and eat more if that’s the case. I’m lucky I have a
    high metabo at 38, but I question these supplements. Even the reviews on
    these products are all over the place. The only thing that helps my
    workouts is the Ravage energy supplement. Let me know if you can help,
    love your videos!!

  9. JmansFragments / December 16, 2013

    great vid

  10. Boo / January 28, 2014

    Thanks for the tip!!!

  11. Huston Boy / February 10, 2014

    Yes that’s a lot of peak ^^ nice triceps though, I want big tri’s like that

  12. harvard1636 / November 29, 2014

    Every time I go to the gym, I literally think, “What would Vic do?”
    Seriously, I imagine you standing right next to me and offering
    encouragement and objective analysis and constructive feedback. I can’t
    imagine how many others you have helped as well.
    mille grazie, You are The Best!

  13. Caleb Alfaro / December 12, 2014

    so when do I do this?? When I`m about to work out’? or when I want to
    exercise my bicep and if thats the case, how many times do I have to do

  14. TheMrg798 / January 18, 2015

    Sat in my truck at work and just tried this.. I can’t believe how much
    stress that method puts on the bicep

  15. Wraithbackup / February 24, 2015

    i got a peak but my bieceps are small as hell lol

  16. Genio Tronics / May 10, 2015

    thank you for your video….
    do you know tricks to build chest muscle?

  17. Kike Pt / June 28, 2015

    Excellent tip !! Thank so much vic, now i can feel each and every muscle im
    actually working, thanks to your vids . 

  18. Scott K / July 5, 2015

    Hey speaking of genetics, is your neck just naturally massive? Or do you
    have a routine? Any recommendations for us pencil necks?


  19. Cristo Lamprakos / October 4, 2015

    this changed my life… man that amazing

  20. mrkmuscle / February 23, 2016

    Hey vic, where’s the vid that goes with this thumbnail? Thanks

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