How to get BIG ARMS with Resistance Bands—Biceps and Triceps Workout

Bring the pump anywhere you go with this resistance band routine #WhoWantsTickets


0:50 Standing Preacher Curls
1:55 Standing Reverse Tricep Extensions
2:56 Alternating Gladiator Curls
4:47 Overhead Tricep Extensions
6:22 Supine Bicep Curls
7:50 The Bird

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*Hey kids, thanks for tuning in! Don't forget that the key to preventing injuries is to be smart, listen to your body, stop if you feel discomfort and talk to your doctor if you have any unique medical conditions. As I always say, do your best and forget the rest!

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  1. Offended Badly then Unsubscribed / May 6, 2014

    what happens if one snaps

    • No1Survivalist / May 6, 2014

      you’re using the wrong band

  2. Joshua Brooks (BrooksCreations) / May 6, 2014

    Great video Tony, but aren’t you supposed to breath instead of holding your
    breath on the tension? Or maybe you were and it just seemed like you were

    • Spellcaster86 / May 23, 2014

      Its hard to remember to do it. I have trouble remembering.

  3. Ixtab1942 / May 25, 2014

    how many reps should I do?

    • 14traits / May 29, 2014

      I did this with 12 reps each in 3 set rotations. Routine that worked well
      for me

  4. elvin mah choon pin / January 10, 2015

    This guy looks a bit like Tony Stark…

  5. Tim Allen / February 7, 2015

    I only use the heavy-duty black bands, but then I ain’t a little runt.

  6. CBclone / February 17, 2015

    How many times do you repeat this workout?

  7. Mary Fang / February 22, 2015

    Thanks so much Tony! Can’t believe he’s 56! Proves what fitness can do to

    • Timothy Maynard / November 19, 2015

      +DAVID Edwards aside from shakeo his top 5 supplements are
      1. CQ10
      2. Creatine
      3. Protein Powder
      4. Chlorophyll
      5. Damage Control Multi Vitamin

    • DAVID Edwards / November 19, 2015

      +Timothy Maynard What kind of protein powder? I suppose I can get most of
      these items at Target where I work

    • Timothy Maynard / November 25, 2015

      Im not sure what Target has exactly I order most of mine online. Vega has a
      good performance protein but its a bit pricey. You can get some cheaper
      just regular blends for a good price. I like to use sunwarrior, their
      vanilla is pretty good. Tony usually uses some sort of egg or plant-based
      protein. but I think hes using the new Beachbody performance line now.

    • fuzzyFenchFri 24 / March 1, 2016

      he’s a former marine lol marines never grow old and weak

    • DAVID Edwards / March 1, 2016

      +Timothy Maynard I actually got VEGA, The protein powder I was using before
      had too much cholesterol

      Also, I think I might go with Megared, it has both fish oils and coq10,

      I might also get some Cretin, I just read about it, I guess the only
      drawback is water retention. NOt sure what that means

  8. larry wang / March 6, 2015

    Thanks for sharing

  9. Qnzdipset1 / April 6, 2015

    Tony i dislocated my elbow 8 months ago and can’t do anything like i used
    to b4. Lost strength n muscle. Went from bring able to bang out 20 pull ups
    to barely doing 1. Going so light with reps n weight is very disheartening.
    I need one of your quotes to wake me up!!!

    • MPolo 95 / May 8, 2015

      Do your best
      Forget the rest!

    • DAVID Edwards / June 5, 2015

      +MPolo 95 I use that at work everytime they ask me to do something new

    • MPolo 95 / June 5, 2015

      Don’t just use it at work use it everywhere

    • DAVID Edwards / June 5, 2015

      +MPolo 95
      LOL, any suggestions? It just seams that work is the most practical place
      to use it

  10. Alex R. Cañez / April 13, 2015

    Excellent workout!
    Thanks a lot.

  11. Gerri De Alba / May 18, 2015

    I’m afraid my bands are going to break & snap on my face ?

    • DAVID Edwards / June 5, 2015

      +Gerri De Alba That’s what happened with Senator Harry Read. Maybe Safey
      Goggles are in order

    • Gerri De Alba / June 6, 2015

      Thanks for the info on the senator! I didn’t know about that incident but
      now I think it’s time to purchase a new set of bands 🙂

  12. Mark Briggs / May 31, 2015

    Good one T-Ho!

  13. DAVID Edwards / June 5, 2015

    Watching it Grow. GROW!!! LOL

  14. Michael Toso / August 26, 2015

    What are the resistance in pounds for these bands?
    My guess is: but not sure: green on Beach body site looks like dark green.
    y Yellow (B7) 35 pounds
    G Green (B8) 40 pounds
    b Blue (B9) 45 pounds

  15. Ràvý Làmèñçè / September 14, 2015

    after how long will I see the results ?

  16. Roblox God / September 25, 2015

    I know it’s a resistance band, but if it broke while he is doing the 1st
    workout…….Funny asf :P

  17. Richard Needham / December 5, 2015

    His enthusiasm is hilarious. Bands do work when on the go. I take them with
    me to work often. Not good ole weights but if you only stick to one thing
    youll never go super saiyan.

    • Joshua Lyness / June 5, 2016

      Why arent they as good? Its still resistance, your muscles have no idea if
      its free weights or bands, and with bands you cant use momentum like you
      can with weights. Better form, more linear resistance, working the
      connecting muscles, surely bands are better? ?

    • Richard Needham / June 5, 2016

      +Joshua Lyness never said they weren’t good or as good. I believe I said
      don’t stick to one thing in your workouts or routines.

    • Joshua Lyness / June 6, 2016

      +Richard Needham cool ok, you reckon Bodyweight and bands is enough? I
      haven’t got any free weights

  18. bassai2010 / January 9, 2016

    Great video Tony! My arms are sore from the resistance band workout
    yesterday. I learned a couple of new exercises to try from this. Thanks for
    sharing, Joel

  19. Kalvin Rauma / June 14, 2016

    nice workout but why is this dude holding his breathe every rep? I feel
    like Im going to pass out just watching him.

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