Shocking muscle video:

Hey guys,

Today Johnson and I are going to show you one strange "trick" to build huge arms. This is something that a lot of guys in the gym don't understand…which is why there are so many guys who want bigger arms, but very few who actually succeed in getting them.

Here are a few other things we share in the video:

— Why training your TRICEPS is the most important factor in getting huge arms. Doing lots of curls without doing lots of tricep exercises is like doing lots of leg curls while never doing squats. Your triceps are the biggest muscle group in your arms, and we show you why you need to be training them more.

— The most effective exercise for training your arms — and which exercises you should avoid.

— What arm exercises you should do first, and which ones you should leave for the end of your workout.

PLUS…the actual amount of weight Johnson curls is revealed in this video!

Hope you enjoyed it, and I hope it helps you to get bigger arms.

And if you're SERIOUS about building muscle and getting abs, you need to watch this video now:

I show you the "weird" style of training that got me muscular and ripped, when NOTHING else worked for me. Then I show you the scientific proof that it works, and the exact exercises you can use to start getting ripped faster.

If you've been frustrated by your lack of results in the gym then you need to see this:

Train hard,


P.S. — Have a question about arm training we didn't answer in the video? Then leave me a comment below! I personally read EVERY comment and I respond to as many as I can.

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  1. iNtivity / December 24, 2013

    5:00 – Always lift heavy?! 

  2. Samo Bugar / January 1, 2014

    is guy on the right wearing shirt for girls?

  3. Rich Homie Tom / February 14, 2014

    lmao mike was like “DO YOU EVEN LIFT BRO?”

  4. Jack D / March 9, 2014

    mike your an idiot mate

  5. Chopper Shox / March 24, 2014

    Obviously their tips dont work…

  6. Jim Papadimitriou / March 29, 2014

    haha when the other guy said (for the guys like me that we have already big
    arms) Mike start to laugh omg!! xaxaxa

  7. lamjky sanjeewa / April 24, 2014

    Copy and paste into Google Ready Set Ripped to find out how a
    groundbreaking discovery made a regular guy ripped.

  8. Doug Lackie / May 15, 2014

    your twin lol

  9. Vanko Kanu / June 16, 2014

    Liu Kang and Kung Lao

  10. Wraithbackup / July 11, 2014

    are u guys twins

  11. Mark Ocean / November 27, 2014

    Did he said guys like him who completely developed on his arms?? What
    arms??? Mike has more arms than him.

  12. Tadzio / January 6, 2015

    4:21 – 4:35 …he didn’t just say that did he? 

    • gamepro94z / August 8, 2015

      +Tadziogb I love Mikes face after he says that.

  13. Kevin Little / January 23, 2015

    Mike looks like Markiplier in this XD 

  14. Guillermo Reyes / January 27, 2015

    Mike needs to keep the clown on the right out of these videos. Idk if he
    did it on purpose tho just to put the cockysonbish on blast on YouTube

  15. Wrightstuff / March 28, 2015

    It would be believable if either one of these twins had even “big arms”. 

  16. Stilyan Ivanov / August 6, 2015

    So what is this muscle between the bicep and tricep? Brack or brach? How do
    you spell it?

  17. Dank Meister Panda / December 8, 2015

    Why do Asians have such luscious hair?

    • Chunky Milkz / April 13, 2016

      They traded there small penisies for intelligence and cool hair

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