How To Lose Arm Fat Fast – 5 Minute Upper Body Workout to Lose Arm Fat

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So, you're looking to tone those arms. Wait, you're looking cut, chisel or jack those arms up. What ever you want to call it there is a common mistake that everyone makes. We all know that a great upper body workout is essential. But the ONE BIG MISTAKE IS… Trying to lose arm fat by only exercising your arms – You CAN'T lose arm fat by just working out your arms – You MUST workout the largest muscles of the body too.

The Science
Your body can't spot reduce fat. The best way to lose thigh fat for example is to burn calories and raise metabolic rate. The best way to do that is to use the large muscles of the body which burn more energy. The legs, the back, the shoulders and the triceps. Those muscles use the most calories so they reduce total body fat which inevitably will take fat away from your arms. This workout does exactly that.
There are 2 ways to make your arms look great:
1. Build lean arm muscle during a workout like this
2. Burn tons of calories through a total body workout that uses your legs and back too.

Do this workout and you'll see exactly what I'm talking about. Do this a few times a week and bam… So long, arm fat!

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Justin O'Connor has built his life around training having played hockey for the Detroit Jr. Red Wings and 2 NCAA Division 1 sports. After burning out on 5-8 hour a week workouts (Insanity, p90x) and in the worst shape of his life, he dedicated himself to finding a sustainable workout that everyone could succeed at and sustain for as long as possible. 10 weeks and having lost 24 pounds he was in the best shape of his life and The Under 20 Workout was created. It is based on the BATS principle of putting your Body At Top Speed. The word is out, the results are amazing and it's time to share them with you.

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    • Charles Conway / March 9, 2015

      Yes sir so far Ive incorporated this and lost 40ib

    • Charles Conway / March 9, 2015

      +Darick Cool along with you other workouts

    • Under20workout / March 12, 2015

      Awsome, Darick! You rock! Keep up the great work.

    • ‫מיכאל מסנדילוב‬‎ / April 3, 2015

      +Under20workout dude is it burn muscle mass?

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    • Brooklyn Foucault / February 20, 2016

      hey does this work because I kinda find this like a joke?

    • Under20workout / March 1, 2016

      +Brooklyn Foucault It works!

    • KING RAZER11 / April 26, 2016

      +Brooklyn Foucault same lol

  10. Aliff Jeff / July 9, 2015

    Hi this workout will lose the under arm fats too right sir?

    • atcatc1 / July 17, 2015

      +Aliff Jeff that is what I am looking for. Tracy Anderson has great under
      arm workouts..think this is more for fat…i love these videos

    • Aliff Jeff / July 17, 2015

      Hope it works

    • Katherine Agatha / August 22, 2015

      +Aliff Jeff does it works? 🙂

  11. NEW_CHANNEL_IS TeknosGamer58 / December 13, 2015

    im too lazy doing this. i cant even lift myself. id look weird if somebody
    seen me doing this

    • Oussama helali / January 31, 2016

      Finally someone has the same feelings as me

  12. taytay love / December 30, 2015

    I did not lost weight

    • DESPAIR EXE / March 11, 2016

      u don’t lose it right away

  13. Joseph Nava / January 8, 2016

    i was doing this in my room then my mom walk in and thought i was doing
    something else lol???

  14. Dare Robertson / March 26, 2016

    (men) imma eat potien den workout then my muscles will help me someday

    (woman) godamit i have to use steroids to burn my fat so that i can just
    ware dis one dress!

  15. nicholas anderson / May 29, 2016

    first of all under fence is a chest workout and you did not go anywhere
    near low enough

    • Under20workout / May 31, 2016

      Thanks, boss. I’ll work on that depth.

    • nicholas anderson / May 31, 2016

      +Under20workout noprob i learned it from p90x really get low with it its a
      chest workout

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  17. Queen Gazardiel / June 15, 2016

    This is hilarious, can’t wait to try it out

  18. Jesper Petersen / June 20, 2016

    does this guy even lift? :)

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    Excellent ???

  20. Bird Man / August 3, 2016

    This guy is so annoying just stop talking

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