How to Perform Spider Curls – Big Biceps Arms Exercise


How to Perform Spider Curls – Proper Technique & Form Tutorial

Spider Curls are one of the best biceps exercises in your arsenal; you've just gotta know how to do it right. In this video we show you how, going over technique, form and how to perform the perfect Spider Curl!


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Shot n' Edited by: Hudson
Starring: Brandon White

Pixel Art By João Victor G. Costa –

Music by Kevin MacLeod

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  1. Tibialstone7 / October 15, 2014

    I use PreOG as a preworkout powder, and because like all pre workouts, it
    contains caffeine. It really helps my focus and strength in the gym, but
    sometimes my heart beats uncomfortably fast because of it.
    When I do this exercise, my chest is being pressed against the incline
    bench, so it presses against my heart and makes the beating even
    worse…should I stop taking the pre workout on bicep day?

    • Nader Qudimat / November 10, 2014

      You might be pushing your chest too hard into the bench. Try to just hang
      your arms down. Could be the weights are too heavy for you too! No problem

    • ThisIsDodge / May 26, 2015

      +Tibialstone7 dude, you should skip the preworkout alltogether. stick to
      BCAA’s if your gonna drink something before or during the workout

    • Tibialstone7 / May 26, 2015

      +ThisIsDodge I am boycotting all of them now. They fucked up my pumps in
      the gym as I used them too frequently and I got heart palpitations. It just
      isn’t worth it. Esp when im bulking anyway and I can get the good
      carbs/protein etc etc before a workout anyway

    • Tibialstone7 / May 27, 2015

      +ThisIsDodge yeah man, happy lifting!

  2. Frederik Weiro / November 3, 2014

    Can you also do hammer curls this way? 

    • Nader Qudimat / November 10, 2014

      you can do any bicep exercise this way. Keeps things strict!

  3. Nader Qudimat / November 10, 2014

    I love this exercise!! Brings out the peak and makes the biceps appear much
    more fuller. If you don’t mind, I used this video on my blog!! Thanks 

    • TheLusianPopa / February 27, 2015

      you cant change genetics.Look at kevin levrone or sergio oliva, guys
      obviously hit their outer head, did their hammer curls , did loadas of
      concentration curls, and still had pretty flat biceps.

    • Nader Qudimat / February 28, 2015

      Maybe they needed Spider curls Popa.

    • TheLusianPopa / February 28, 2015

      actually Oliva used to do alot of spider curls, and still he didnt get his
      bis to peak.So its almost entirely genetic.

    • Nader Qudimat / March 1, 2015

      i’m speakign from my experience. I’m not a scientist. My biceps doesn’t
      peak well unless I do spiders. From my experience.

    • TheLusianPopa / March 1, 2015

      my biceps dont peak at all no matter what i do, just like levrone or oliva

  4. Virus278 / December 25, 2014

    Surprised you were only curling an 80lb bar. You look way stronger.

    • Triton Trinh / January 10, 2015

      Surprised that this a video on how-to on a movement that emphasizing proper
      form, different variations, and in general a tutorial.

  5. spideylover / February 11, 2015

    What’s the advantage of doing this over a preacher curl?

    • KodackOfficial / August 12, 2015

      +spideylover a spider curl is just a preacher curl with more range of
      motion, and its a little harder as well since the force of gravity is
      stronger on spider curls, overall spiders are simply the superior workout

    • Dylan Mandolini / April 17, 2016

      I don’t think the spider curl has any advantages over the preacher
      curl..they’re essentially the same motion, just with a difference in angle.
      Just like you can change the angle of inclination when you do a bench
      press. Although, each time you make the angle steeper for bench press, they
      don’t change the name

  6. William Turner / February 12, 2015

    Could you do a video demmo on the reverse grip bench press?

    Thanks dudes.

  7. Malcom Middle / February 17, 2015

    Beyond infuriating waiting for a bench when faggots are curling on it.

    • Malcom Middle / April 25, 2015

      +hollyvelocitygrl​ I’m gay and even if I wasn’t my point still stands you
      dumb slut.

    • hollyvelocitygrl / April 26, 2015

      +Private Information 2 months to reply? I’m gay too but it doesn’t take me
      that long to get out of my dungeon harness

    • Zaragoza Motivation / June 16, 2015

      +Private Information Go in the morning.

    • FrostuR / June 18, 2015

      +Private Information What are you going to do about it? If a bench is open,
      I’ll use it for spider curls whenever I want to. Same goes for anyone else
      who incorporates the exercise into their routine.

    • Kunta kintay / May 21, 2016


  8. Christian Espinoza / February 25, 2015

    I always get that one person giving me the “wtf is this guy doing?” face
    when I do these.

  9. Ziwco Nawalean / March 19, 2015

    nice guns bro …

  10. John Perkins / May 4, 2015

    How do you keep the incline bench from moving? When I use this bench, it
    moves forward.

    • ggk4xlb91 / May 10, 2015

      +John Perkins What works for me is to put weight plates on the bench’s
      legs. I also do that to counterbalance it when the bench is used for
      something that can cause it to tip off the ground.

  11. John Perkins / May 4, 2015

    On the preacher curl bench is it better to use the backside (straight
    angle) or the front side 45 degree angle?)

    • ThisIsDodge / May 26, 2015

      +John Perkins straight angle for spider curl. the other one for normal
      preacher curls

  12. therealParisHilton / August 16, 2015

    hi man. i tried your method of spider curl today using the bench similar to
    that in your video and it was almost impossible to have the bench fixed and
    stable in one place! the bench kept moving forward every time i tried to
    curl eventually i had to give up and use the preacher curl seat reversed
    instead, my question is how can i stop the bench from moving my only option
    would be to have against a wall or something!!

    • Brad Roach / October 20, 2015

      +therealParisHilton put a heavy plate or dumbell in front of the bench.

    • Kunta kintay / May 21, 2016

      That’s why you have your feet on the ground to stabilize your self

  13. bharat gupta / September 27, 2015

    my gym coach doesn’t know how to preform a deadlift _!

  14. Flávio Wolff / October 1, 2015

    best done using a preacher curl bench, but backwards.

  15. MyTotalFitnessAcademy / November 19, 2015

    Just used this for my arm day!

  16. Ernie Street / February 15, 2016

    Those are some impressive guns.

    I suck. *looks at his pipes of peace and cries :(

  17. Michael Jackson / February 18, 2016

    My grandmas got bigger arms

  18. jamal khattak / March 21, 2016

    those biceps remind me of the horror stories from junior / high school “hay
    man…the doctor asked arnold to stop body building other wise his bicep
    skin would burst” …………..LOL

  19. Kunta kintay / May 21, 2016

    When doing spider curls does it hit the peak no matter what grip I have ?
    Or should I do spider curls with a close grip to hit the peak??

  20. sweet sour730 / July 1, 2016

    I’M NOT GAY!! but Dude..I want ur body!..for myself!!.. uh?! to get
    girls…I mean. :/

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