How to Workout to Target LOWER BACK vs UPPER BACK

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what up guys I'm hittin' back today. I was doing some close grip pull ups and thought that I'd make a quick video for y'all that shows you how to target your upper back vs your lower back.

Tip Breakdown:
Alright y'all, check this out… it's really very easy to do because once yo get this one concept down you can pretty much apply it to any back exercise you do.
0:23 When you want to work upper back you squeeze in and end your pulling motion at the top of your chest.
0:54 But if you want to work lower back you pull towards your stomach.
– It doesn't matter what exercise it is… pull ups, lat pull downs, etc… you can adjust it to work different parts of your back.

2:50 Advanced Strategy: The way you work different parts of your upper back all depends on the angles that you're pulling.
– Close grip pull up example: 3:02
– Seated cable row example: 3:31
– Barbell example: 4:35

Now again, if you want to work lower back what do you? Pull towards your stomach.
– Barbell example: 5:06

This principle is universal, it doesn't matter what you're doing… even a T-Bar row, I can adjust it to suit what I am working that day or to make sure that I go light if I have an injury.
– T-Bar upper back example: 6:37
– T-Bar lower back example: 6:53

Did you see the difference?

Well I hope this little tip helped you out today, because now that you have this concept down it is universal and you can apply it to any back exercise you do and have an amazing looking back.

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See you next time, Peace!


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Mike Chang

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  1. Ben Dover / March 3, 2015

    Nice tip, my lower back is over developed. Need to start hitting the upper

    • Intrepid Fox Dye / March 3, 2015

      +Six Pack Shortcuts hey Do you have a video of 1,2,3, days GYM Routing for
      beginners for get pumped or you have a link? Thanks

    • Ranga Shaker / March 3, 2015

      +Six Pack Shortcuts Hey mike

    • Mike Molleda / March 26, 2015
    • Ben Dover / February 5, 2016

      +nieklean maybe

  2. Evan Voss / March 3, 2015

    So what you are saying is if i pull towards my upper back, I’ll work my
    upper back? AND if I pull towards my lower back, I’ll work my lower back? 

    • JaneDoe Conspiracy Girl / March 18, 2016

      yeah but you wouldn’t have known that otherwise you wouldn’t be looking up
      this video silly

    • ThatOne / March 20, 2016

      +Six Pack Shortcuts Why you don’t say…

    • Blazy69100 / May 28, 2016

      +FATE renagade illuminati confirmed

  3. Robert J. I / December 29, 2015

    If you pull the bar towards your head, you will work your brain.

    • SAVARD / May 29, 2016

      thanks , i am gonna do it today at gym 🙂

    • Kimberly torres / June 3, 2016


    • kimmie bee / July 1, 2016


    • Robert J. I / July 29, 2016

      I think u need the heaviest Weights in the gym and pull it towards your
      empty head

  4. Chew Sama / May 19, 2016

    Clarification!……. thanks mike

  5. ljezebel1 / May 21, 2016

    Luv ya Mike!! And thanks for that info!

  6. Varinder Sidhu / May 24, 2016

    why does your nipples are so down low?? isnt that because of gyno?

  7. David Benitez / May 26, 2016

    best tip ever, thankyou so much. this is exactly what i needed

  8. Vero R / June 20, 2016

    ohhhh I get it! thanks!!

  9. john man / June 23, 2016

    I like him better than the new guys

  10. Mladen Puzigaca / July 6, 2016

    Thank You – hvala ti!

  11. noni828 / July 10, 2016

    wow, I think this just changed my life! THANK YOU

  12. mcicepickindahouse / July 18, 2016

    thank you very simple i had problems growing my lower back but my upper
    back is muscled now i know what to do

  13. Derek arsenault / July 26, 2016

    this guy’s an idiot it’s a well know fact

    • wolvorine origins / July 26, 2016

      u r gettin jealous of mike

    • Marius Bless / July 30, 2016

      You dont have to have won championships and tournaments to have worked
      hard. You clearly see that he have worked hard for that body, like you
      said, it no short cuts

    • Derek arsenault / July 30, 2016

      +Marius Bless
      exactly he is using that body to lie to you and tell you there are short
      cuts but there is not . he is implying he also used these short cut tools
      and he is claiming to be natural and he probably isn’t .Maybe he is but
      generally when there is large amounts of money involved and no drug testing
      they are. so yeah he is a lying idiot and there is a short cut its called
      testosterone . And training ing like an idiot will yield those results if
      your on test .

    • Marius Bless / August 1, 2016

      how do u know that?

  14. maan rasem / July 30, 2016

    Really enjoyed the video thanks

  15. Zaine Osman / August 2, 2016

    I miss Mike chang he was the best

  16. black panther / August 2, 2016

    top tips, straight to the point brother

  17. Z31Rider / August 2, 2016

    Now I know how to target my lower back. Thanks for the video.

  18. Hasri SkillCore / August 3, 2016

    Thank you so much for the tips. May god bless you bro :)

  19. ghayas uddin / August 3, 2016


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