Huge Mike Matarazzo Arm Workout

Massive Mike Matarazzo works his guns or should they be called cannons??

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  1. dy2cakc1 / June 10, 2010

    Look what ahppened to Mad Mike! Bail bondsman who had open heart surgery!

  2. invertboi / July 8, 2010

    @MaoriWarriorZ GUIDO

  3. invertboi / July 8, 2010

    @hhohydrogen TRUE DAT DAWG

  4. G / October 5, 2010

    if you think he sounds like an ignorant greese ball thats just how alot of
    people sound where he came from. Its the working class of italian Americans
    growin up around Boston then..and now Youd know if you spend any time there
    its sort of a rough neck place.

  5. Jon Connar / November 6, 2010

    That presenter at the start looks and sounds like a fukin fag!!!

  6. Jeff Eastwood / January 10, 2011

    Mike Matarazzo — Sexiest Bodybuilder EVER!

  7. oiecamarada / February 5, 2011

    3:4o he llok like ronnie from jersey shore

  8. robbo90903 / July 3, 2011

    fucking huge

  9. dave smith / November 7, 2011

    Oh, god, where do I begin? I’d have 2 say that everything that led 2 my
    heart problem began the minute I started getting serious about competitive
    bodybuilding. N order 2 get bigger, I’d eat 5, 6, 7 pounds of red meat a
    day, no vegetables. And I’d stay away from fruits because of their sugar.
    Worst were the chemicals. I have so many memories of being alone n a hotel
    room the week, 5 days or 2 days before a contest, and doing unspeakable
    things 2 my body steroids, growth hormones. MIKE MATARAZZO

  10. Shadow Heart / December 13, 2011

    why did he get so low placingi n olympia? wiki says 9 th?

  11. sz42781 / February 4, 2012

    @hhohydrogen Ironically they fucked Mike up

  12. senatus / February 21, 2012

    Mike had the arms and calves, no doubt about it. Even after Mike freaked
    out on M. Mentzer at Gold’s Venice, Mentzer freely admitted that Mazz was
    probably tied with Dillet for the biggest flexed muscular arm he’d ever

  13. VicMackey92 / March 19, 2012

    we don’t have bodybuilders like this anymore

  14. Jishuku / June 19, 2012

    If you have the wrong genetics, they can kill you though. I have a
    hereditary blood clotting disorder, and using even low doses of
    testosterone would be playing russian roulette for me (the same would
    happen to a girl with that disorder using birth control pills, also
    hormones). Mike was also unlucky that he had heart disease in his family.
    It is possible to use steroids safely, but only if you know your genetics
    first.. take a DNA test before your first cycle to be safe.. I’m glad that
    I did.

  15. Malcolmx Lovelock / June 19, 2012

    being on steroids was great but when i stopped i had severe depression

  16. Tural Shukurov / June 28, 2012

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  17. robertino vanin / February 3, 2013

    old school, the better!!:-)

  18. Jasmine Molloy / May 14, 2013

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    for abs but nothing was coming. And One of my friend working in fitness
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  19. Kaka Man / August 18, 2014

    RIP Bro!

  20. JediPhantom1 / August 19, 2014

    RIP Mike

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