Incline Barbell Bench Press – Chest Exercises For Upper Pecs

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  1. Clintsmith721 / July 17, 2008

    not questioning you…but why would you seperate your tricep and chest
    routines since the two kinda go hand in hand…there are very limited chest
    exercises tht do not involve triceps

  2. GuitaristJesse2442 / July 23, 2008

    you shouldnt do chest and shoulders after each other. chest back legs
    shoulders arms rest thats a great workout routine. i have another good one.
    if you want it. just send me a message

  3. kobebryant0824 / November 11, 2008

    You have to do wide grips to train the outer part and close grips to train
    the inner part. If your triceps get big fast or they get tired faster than
    your pecs, do dumbbell flies first then do the bar (pre-exhaustion method).
    My triceps get too big easily for some reason so I use this method.

  4. Sir0wnzAl0t / December 11, 2008

    Never do arms after shoulders. Doing shoulder presses work the triceps too.

  5. Jakeblood240 / January 18, 2009

    This is where I need help, technique advice is everywhere but nobody seems
    to agree on routine. I find people saying opposite things a lot, especially
    about what to combine or not.

  6. johnyLaba / June 5, 2009

    combine what works best for you, everybody has a unique body so you have to
    find what works best for you

  7. sniperboy102 / August 8, 2009

    its less mass

  8. DColon614 / September 14, 2009

    When i do this and other chest workouts (like push ups and inclined push
    ups), i feel like its working out my shoulders much more then my chest, do
    you think its because of my form?

  9. NTCM13 / September 24, 2009

    that’s genetics, dude. i’ve had to come to that sad realization. you’re
    either a bulky guy or a skinny lil cut guy. people like us can get six
    packs and nice chests, but they’re gonna look powerful, instead of defined
    and delicate. it’s just how we’re made. i’ve found out that chicks love big
    guys instead of lil ones, though, so i got over it.

  10. Abdullah2009 / September 28, 2009

    dont do biceps before triceps though, if you have a pump in your biceps,
    its harder to stretch when you train triceps, right?

  11. cnote4461 / October 17, 2009

    Wow…sum dam good form. Thanks for the tip.

  12. FUCKOFFGOOGLE / November 4, 2009

    split it up into days. monday = shoulders triceps tuesday = chest biceps
    wednesday = rest thursday = back friday = legs just do major work outs and
    small muscle groups at a time.

  13. FUCKOFFGOOGLE / November 4, 2009

    souldnt reli do more than 2 or 3 muscles in one day. to build concerntrate
    on two (like chest and biceps) and work them hard doind 3 or 4 different
    excercises for each muscle.

  14. andy21212121rfggadg / November 21, 2009

    hey guys i was wondering if anyone here can help me,, i currently only have
    a set of weights at home that i am using to gain muscle, however as i have
    not been targeting my upper pectoral area the overall look of my pecs is
    disproportionate,does anyone have any advice how you can build your upper
    pecs without going to the gym just using free weights at home, any advice
    on building upoper pecs is appreciated!thanks

  15. Gonzaleza006 / January 3, 2012

    going all the way down puts stress on your shoulders, especially once you
    start lifting heavier

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