Jason Blaha Teaches You How To Bent-Over Barbell Row

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Overview of How to Perform a Lift Series:
In these demonstration videos, Jason Blaha breaks down step-by-step how to safely perform various barbell, dumbbell and other free weight exercises. This includes cues to help you maintain proper form, bar path tips, leverages, proper hand & foot spacing as well as general safety considerations and things to pay attention to regarding your form when performing these exercises.

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  1. AK liftinG / April 1, 2014

    Loving these how to videos.

    • massimiliano guerra / April 1, 2014

      Jason should do a second channel called How to Basic…… O wait

    • AK liftinG / April 2, 2014

      +massimiliano guerra haha thats a whole different side of youtube.

    • massimiliano guerra / April 2, 2014

      LOL 🙂

  2. SinisterSkip / April 1, 2014

    Personally, I feel it more in my biceps than my lats when I bring the bar
    to the bottom chest. When I bring it to my belly button, I feel it less in
    my biceps and more in my lats. Sure it makes the barpath less vertical, but
    I feel it much better in my lats. I’m already pulling ‘from the elbows’ to
    limit bicep usage in the movement…

    Is that not a legitimate reason to pull to the belly button? I want maximum
    lat stimulation.

    • Kev-D Fitness / April 1, 2014

      Me too. I always feel it more in my upper back and rear delts. I think it
      is important to make sure your elbows go back towards your hips for optimal
      lat recruitment also.

    • SinisterSkip / April 1, 2014

      +Kev-D Fitness
      What’s up Kev-D, nice Q&A video’s you’re putting up!

    • Kev-D Fitness / April 1, 2014

      +SinisterSkip Thanks Bro! Not much! Just started my cut for the summer
      so looking to get shredded! I got a couple more Q&As coming. I got way
      too many questions for one video this past week, which is a new problem for
      me to deal with! LOL!

    • SinisterSkip / April 1, 2014

      +Kev-D Fitness You don’t go on stage right, so what are you aiming for, 9%
      bodyfat or some? Just a nice sixpack and some good definition? You seem
      already in good shape. I never really go lower than 9-10% for a summer
      (usually only have to cut 3-4%), it’s no use anyway, since it’s already in
      better shape than 99% of people. My opinion 🙂

    • Kev-D Fitness / April 1, 2014

      +SinisterSkip No stage in the plans yet for me man! Yeah I don’t get much
      below 9%…i figure around 8%. Yeah man, that is in better shape than
      99.99% of people, but I really like to be lean and ripped for summer. I
      guess its personal preference!

  3. jpirch23 / April 1, 2014

    wouldn’t you say pulling the bar into your waist would recruit more lat
    instead of pulling it higher and using more rear delt and mid-trap?

    • Combat-18 GYM / June 19, 2016

      Hi iprirch23
      Jason is currently busy making a video and has asked me to respond
      Good question
      This can be done by purchasing the 2016 Giant Anyroad Coamx
      If you require more help please contact myself or Jason and we can explain.
      God bless and love and piece

  4. Nick Wright / April 1, 2014

    I strongly disagree with hitting the bottom of the chest when trying to
    target lats for bodybuilding. That pushes your elbows way too far out and
    targets rear delts much more. Lower down towards the weight belt area
    allows elbows to remain closer in thus targeting lats better.

    • Malcolm Bojangles / April 27, 2014

      Nick is right though.

    • Laurent Baril / July 26, 2014

      +Malcolm Bojangles Nick isnt, it only involves more traps and less lats and
      makes it easier to bring the weight up, doesnt mean its better, just target
      different muscles.

    • NIGGAS / December 9, 2014

      Maybe he wants to work rear delts , rhomboids and traps with this? Gtfo

    • ThirstyMonkeyNicca / July 8, 2015

      +Dardan M that does not work lats…

  5. Novaverse / April 1, 2014

    Overhead deadlift next

  6. Jason Blaha Fitness / April 2, 2014

    Further discussion of the form in this video: http://youtu.be/jWJzdo8SVN0

    • Peter Koski / April 2, 2014

      Jason why the grip is so narrow?

    • WarcraftAzraman / April 6, 2014

      +Peter Koski It’s your average grip, like when you say a Deadlift you refer
      to conventional deadlift at arms shoulder width, enough to fit 2 legs
      through. Plus it reduces rotator cuff strain. Hope that helps!

    • Sarah Stewart / May 26, 2015

      +JuggernautFitnessTV JuggeernautFitnessTV – Hey, I remember you mentioning
      two natural lifters in one of the your videos. One of them was Jonnie
      Candito but I cant for the life of me remember the other guy. I viewed his
      channel and really liked it, he was a really nice guy, black hair, trained
      in his garage. Could you tell me who this was again please?

  7. Baldó Buczi / June 10, 2015

    “Neutral neck…”

  8. Karti Loco / June 27, 2015

    What about scapular retraction, I heard this is soo important on any back
    exercise to engage the lats and so on… so would I need to retract the
    scapula on the top of each rep when the bar touches the body?

    • GodlessShredder / August 27, 2015

      +Karti Loco Yes. You can mess around with hand placement so that the
      scapula are fully retracted when the bar touches your sternum.

  9. GodlessShredder / August 27, 2015

    How much should you be able to row as compared to overhead press for
    shoulder health?

    • dauksz / November 19, 2015

      +GodlessShredder Your row should be a lot stronger

    • Alex DeWolf / January 24, 2016

      +GodlessShredder Rows of any type should be much stronger than your
      overhead press; rows from the floor especially should be almost as strong
      as your bench

  10. Keepo Hdee / September 26, 2015

    I really wanna learn how to do this and also deadlift with proper form but
    its so hard to tell if ur actually doing it right

  11. I'm a butthurt mgtow and women suck because I'm butthurt. / November 26, 2015

    I go lower and try to keep my elbows tucked in. You hit your lats more
    effectively that way. 

  12. Nadeem2604xo / January 18, 2016

    Elbows are flared out though? Shouldn’t they be tucked in rowing in a
    motion where the bar is around the V-taper …

  13. 369Shahin / January 19, 2016

    so you dont need to worry about closing your elbows closer to your rib

  14. TallDarkNIndian / January 22, 2016

    Jason blaha is probably the single most non bs ddude out there who
    genuinely wants to help people wanting to gain muscle… even though he is
    a power lifter

    good on you man. thanks.

  15. LazorHD / January 29, 2016

    So this type of row targets the lats mostly right since its a narrow grip?

  16. Pad Elli / February 12, 2016

    wow you lost a lot of weight!

    • Combat-18 GYM / June 19, 2016

      Hi Pad Elli
      Jason is currently busy making a video and has asked me to respond
      Good question
      This can be done by purchasing the 2016 Giant Anyroad Coamx
      If you require more help please contact myself or Jason and we can explain.
      God bless and love and piece

  17. MiamiWadeFan / February 13, 2016

    What’s better: a barbell row or a t-bar row?

  18. tramg / March 4, 2016

    is this supposed to work your forearms? I feel a little past my wrist into
    my forearms in the days afterward with the overhand grip

    • tarpexio / March 26, 2016

      +tramg this might be an early sign of carpal tunnel syndrome, look it up.

  19. john doe / June 29, 2016

    Honestly, Dorian Yates teaching Kia Green how to train back is the only
    video to watch

  20. Absolamb Salmon / July 29, 2016


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