Learn How To Build Big Biceps Using The Barbell Bicep Curl

Are you using the simple technique for extracting up to 50% more growth from your barbell bicep curls? This is a must for nearly every bicep workout.

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  1. eatinsumpie7 / September 19, 2009

    I’m 13 I’ve been going to the gym doing 20 reps of 20 pounds on each side
    on bench press, and 20 reps of 70 pounds on the pulldown bar about 6 or 7
    times each, plus some other stuff, will that stunt my growth at all.

  2. wyatt guttormsen / December 26, 2009


  3. Dougklohnjr / December 27, 2009

    its a stupid myth. its not true. look it up

  4. Dougklohnjr / December 27, 2009

    SHITTY “supplement”scams will stun your growth. and steriods and creatine
    can. Do 8-12 reps if you want muscle. and can do more then 12 reps increase
    the weight 3 sets 1-2 minutes of rest

  5. Watchdog / January 1, 2010

    @Dougklohnjr That’s bull, if you want muscles you should use low
    reputations like 4-6 then you use as much weigh as you can and should be
    able to do at least 4 reps but max 6 reps, but also remember that you need
    to do the rep right as well.

  6. Dougklohnjr / January 1, 2010

    The average professional body builder goes with the 8-12 rep. 8 is only 2
    more reps then yours. Once you can do more you continue to increase the
    weight. 4-6 is the same concept but you should only do it once a month to
    trick ur muscles

  7. zakzakau / January 7, 2010

    I tried this,when I go with high weights I cannot lean forward.This
    techniqe must only use for lower range of weights!

  8. cHiVVaa / February 5, 2010

    how many sets and reps with 30kg ?

  9. dtv4848 / June 14, 2010

    leaning forward? Arent u supposed to stand up with good posture? I mean if
    u lean forward you incorporate the back more? And if you stand with good
    posture you isolate the biceps better? I was doing it with good posture
    today with 45kg ezy bar, and i made sure i wasnt using my back. so can
    anybody who’s experienced give me some advice, im 19, training for 4 yrs so
    far 🙂

  10. nolanj23 / October 7, 2010

    @dtv4848 With any pulling movement it’s better to lean a bit into the
    movement to isolate the muscle better and alleviate momentum…when you
    stand straight the naturl tendency is to hyperextend the lower back when it
    gets heavy.

  11. dtv4848 / October 7, 2010

    @nolanj23 ahhhh sweet, thanks for your answer, i really appreciate it 🙂

  12. AssassinsHunter / February 5, 2011

    sooooo crappy way to perform the barbell bcurl…

  13. WizFitness / June 11, 2011

    If you want to see how this exercise can be improved even further go to my
    channel page

  14. mikebiketrike / December 1, 2011

    @filoprince HEY! i’m 18 and really skinny. i hate it 😛 i’m replying to a
    comment you left and you said you bulked up in 3 months and went from
    skinny to ripped as hell.. is that TRUE? please please please reply to me
    and help a fellow skinny man out. I WANT TO KNOW EVERYTHING YOU DID!!!
    please REPLY!!!! =D thank yaa

  15. sam ensall / December 24, 2011

    @mikebiketrike dont believe that bullshit, it takes at least a year to get
    to that stage with good genetics, its all lies. still go for it, it just
    takes time

  16. The Singapore Ghost Hunting Club / September 4, 2012

    Uh how do we exercise our back bones?

  17. norazuwa84 / April 3, 2013

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