Voted Best Arms in Bodybuilding by Muscular Development, who else but Lee Priest will give you the low down on how to get big guns.

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  1. Salim Osman / May 7, 2016

    lol…way to go septic ..enjoy ur pull..?

  2. Stan Wu / May 8, 2016

    It would be so awesome if Lee Priest could compete with Kevin Leverone in
    this years Mr. Olympia.

    • Mohamed Shihab / May 14, 2016

      +Stan Wu Lee was banned for life by the IFBB.

    • AestheticDavis / May 18, 2016

      +Mohamed Shihab why?

  3. Michael Hoven / May 8, 2016

    it’s nice to hear Lee say that lately of he went by how he feels he
    wouldn’t even train but still does to show that he is indeed part human

  4. Franck Castillo Roa / May 8, 2016

    Best arms in history! respect to Mr lee priest

    • oliver gilmartin / May 20, 2016

      +Franck Castillo Roa 2nd best as of a few weeks ago. Rolly has just taken
      the title.

    • John l / June 3, 2016

      +oliver gilmartin nah Lee has always had the best arms, Roly just now
      started to look good and it’s only because he’s got that camel gear, Lee
      still the best arms

  5. Ron Elberg / May 11, 2016

    Lee is the best bodybuilder ever. this is what i think. he is also a good
    person. i would listen only to him.

  6. vanessa sherbs / May 11, 2016

    with all due respect lee but mike chang has better arms than you :)

    • やまもと98 / May 12, 2016

      +vanessa sherbs hope you are joking

    • Jason Wood / May 12, 2016

      thats just a bit ridiculous

    • silatguy / May 22, 2016

      +vanessa sherbs Its all those towel rows 😉

  7. deadboy600 / May 11, 2016

    Theres enough info on the net to take you 1000 lifetimes to go through.
    WHen will diudes learn that you have to experiment and find what works for
    you? We may all have the same anatomy but we all respond differently to
    exercise stimulus.

  8. Not A Horse / May 12, 2016

    What accent does the cameraman have (what part of Australia)?

  9. Gumba11 / May 12, 2016

    As far as priests go this guys alright. I like this guy, he’s a good dude,
    I like him

  10. Mike Hunt / May 13, 2016

    In other words keep it simple stupid. Love Lee’s vids

  11. vladsb221 / May 13, 2016

    Allright guys, that’s really all I have to say on this topic, I hope it;s
    been informative, but let me give you a biceps shot before I go.

  12. Hassan Osman / May 14, 2016

    fucking love you lee. you are the reason i started working out a short man
    like my self with a big ❤ and ?

  13. weirdshibainu / June 27, 2016

    Lee is really cool…great answers and insight…appears he’s really
    learned lessons from his experiences

  14. Maleficent / July 20, 2016

    20 sets for bis, AND 20 sets for tris? or 20 for both?

  15. Damien O'Brien / July 24, 2016

    “20 sets minimum”

  16. manintrees01 / July 28, 2016

    I have nothing against steroids but, if you’re not on juice, it’s pointless
    to take advice from guys like this.

    • Nicholas Schrock / July 29, 2016

      truth. I say this all the time.

  17. Seokyoung Lee / August 6, 2016

    Lee had Best Arms in bodybuilding History

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