Lee Priest How to Get Big Arms

Lee Priest was recently voted best arms in bodybuilding history by Muscular Development magazine. A fan is struggling to get their biceps to grow, so Mr Universe offers some of his secrets to get those guns growing!

If you are training in your home gym and need something to isolate those biceps, and have an Ironmaster Super Bench, here is an excellent preacher pad –

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  1. Darth Vader Shitlord / June 3, 2015

    Dear sam is lee priest going to compete against Jason genova in 4 months
    when he’s shredded as fuark

    • Frazer Matheson / June 3, 2015

      +WM WilliaM politics bro, plus 4 major car accidents

    • Vincent Vega / June 3, 2015

      +Frazer Matheson With IFBB politics Jason will be Mr O before Kai Green &
      Big Ramy…

    • WM WilliaM / June 4, 2015

      +NateHigerrz u mean the new star war film ♥

    • Marky Mark / July 28, 2015

      +Darth Vader Shitlord Mel chauncy sickening pissening!

  2. Cameron Krynicki / June 3, 2015

    Where’s Jason?

    • Order 66 (grazykill3r) / June 3, 2015

      watching star wars+Cameron Krynicki

  3. NemeanLion / July 6, 2015

    I don’t think Lee is saying to give up on trying to make your arms grow,
    but not spend your time stressing about it and enjoy your life. Some people
    just don’t have the genetics and that’s why uses the examples with
    basketball and cricket. He loves both sports, but knows he doesn’t have
    what it takes physically to excel in them.

    • Sam's Fitness - Gym Equipment / July 7, 2015

      +NemeanLion Great response!

    • John Smith / August 2, 2015

      +NemeanLion Exactly. It’s about being the best YOU can be. If you enjoy the
      gym, do it, just dont expect to be a pro.

      Chances are this guy with no arms just needs to put some overall fucking
      weight on though. It’s generally the issue with these sorts of questions –
      they want to know why their arms wont grow when they’re 180lb wet. Put 20lb
      on and i’ll bet your arms come up.

    • MD B / January 28, 2016

      +NemeanLion What he’s REALLY sayin’ is if you wanna get BIG Arms and you
      have SH*T for Genetics then you’re gonna need some Anabolics to get to
      WHERE You Wanna Be!!!

  4. LostAngel MCMLXXX / August 10, 2015

    At no point during this video did Lee talk about how to build big arms lol

    • Justin Vishwa / December 30, 2015

      haha right lol

    • Mark Richardson / March 17, 2016

      +TheBoyWithTheSnakeTattoo He can’t tell anyone how to build big arms
      because his are genetically amazing and it comes naturally (?) to him.

    • Mark Richardson / March 17, 2016

      +TheBoyWithTheSnakeTattoo He can’t tell anyone how to build big arms
      because his are genetically amazing and it comes naturally (?) to him.

  5. Bebe de Luz / November 20, 2015

    You cant follow advice from someone who’s had born with great arms
    genetics, you should follow advice from someone with bad arms genetics but
    with great arms!

    • Bebe de Luz / December 31, 2015

      Rich Piana used to have horrible arms, but great legs and back, he overcame
      that and now he has incrdible arms.

    • Bebe de Luz / December 31, 2015

      +Gianluca yes, thats what he does, lightweights and aiming for the pump is
      what bringed his arms at a great level, he said heavy weights do nothing
      for his arms

  6. living i a swamp / February 15, 2016

    we all have diffrent genatics i think this a very fair advice for anybody
    in the buisness. most cases you will get bigger and stronger when after a
    while. but having a body like lee has for exsample doesnt only take alot of
    effort you need to have all the factors to grow in balans. if not you
    probly can still get big but you wont look like this guy ever even if you
    train just as hard as h does

  7. Peter Addison / March 1, 2016

    Lees arms are definitely not normal or the norm. Body building has just
    exagerated them

  8. Thomas Francis / March 8, 2016

    Has Lee took steroids?

  9. Bryan Gillan / March 11, 2016

    I don’t think he is a real priest

  10. Daveo Lost / April 12, 2016

    Lee Beast!!!

  11. Sam Beard / May 20, 2016

    out of any body builder out there I would hands down want to train with and
    or look like Lee Priest. the man is a monster some of the best arms the
    world has seen.

  12. retro80s / June 14, 2016

    well said genetics is a massive percentage of how your body builds muscle .

  13. kiran dev / June 26, 2016

    my chest sucks but my arms gains muscle very fast ..i hit every part of my
    body equally but only my arms growing bigger but not my chest why??? 🙁 is
    that gentics

    • Mice Elf / July 30, 2016

      You’re going to have to shoot the gear like Lee. It’s that simple. Good

  14. Silke F / July 3, 2016

    I like him

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