LEE PRIEST presents his arm workout, talks Mr Olympia politics, training with Arnold & more!

2013 Mr Universe Lee Priest on Mr Olympia and bodybuilding politics, the exercises Arnold Schwarzenegger showed him to grow MASSIVE arms, the price of food, his tattoos, and much, much more!


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  1. FITNFLEXED / May 26, 2014

    Cheers for the feedback guys! Glad you’ve loved the video.


  2. mrreginator / August 3, 2015

    Lee Priest is such a humble guy, he is one of my favorites

    • Steven Young / October 22, 2015

      +mrreginator Agree Lee is awesome

    • IAN WONG / April 17, 2016

      +mrreginator blonde myth~

  3. JeddHarris PersonalTraining / August 4, 2015

    Good interviewer! Actually cared about what the Priest had to say rather
    than just waiting for his turn to talk. Great video.

  4. Jim Pimmers / December 9, 2015

    It’s great to listen to him speak. Just a humble down to earth guy. Most
    importantly he seems to be nice to everyone he comes across.

  5. Jacob Gross / January 28, 2016

    wonder if Lee paints his own nails

    • Mark Richardson / July 20, 2016

      He gets them done in his local nail bar.

  6. Jason Ferguson / January 29, 2016

    That was a good interview. I really like Lee’s interviews, Much Respect!!
    Love to see a return some day.

  7. mark yisser / February 24, 2016


    lee priest you’re a cool dude man

  8. mark yisser / February 24, 2016

    lee, you inspired me to get my arms up when i was going for my 3rd show.

    i had a black-and-white magazine clip-out of you … i think you were 19yrs
    in the pic …
    … i was fucking determined to look like that at 19… at the time, i was

    i placed 2nd in that show, and got into level 2

  9. Joseph1NJ / April 4, 2016

    Lee, you said it brother, “Make healthy food cheaper…” Man, I’ve been
    hoping for that for years!

  10. Rob Knightingale / April 9, 2016

    You’re right, we do love Lee. Such a genuine bloke isn’t he.

  11. Michael Kotlarski / April 14, 2016

    EXCELLENT point!!! Leave your ego at the front door.

  12. Welshy 1985 / April 18, 2016

    Lee is definitely my favorite. Truly honest guy.

  13. adambassmusic / May 13, 2016

    Where the hell is the workout routine? Lots of tips but no structure?

  14. Anthony Sgambati / May 17, 2016

    I love Lee. He just calls it how it is. He got kicked out of IFBB and to
    this day looks better than most competing pros. No disrespect to the other
    guys, but look how much his generation has lost their gains. Lee’s still
    solid and vascular. SO inspiring.

    • Walrai / June 13, 2016

      +Tyler Hoyt Lol he’s like younger than Kai Greene xD

    • Anthony Sgambati / June 13, 2016

      you guys are right. look at all those forty year olds that jacked. it’s not
      like even body builders lose it by then, or any pro athletes for that
      matter. silly me. he’s just an average retired body builder. thanks for
      setting me straight webstiens.

    • anthony clark / June 14, 2016

      +Tyler Hoyt you are high

    • fanica fanica' / July 27, 2016

      Of course he could not stand besides pro’s from these days because he don’t
      have a bubble gut

  15. 50CJAZZ / June 4, 2016

    Great guy Lee Priest. Tells it like it is.

  16. retro80s / June 15, 2016

    proper plain no bullshit talk .if Lee ever becomes a contest judge he will
    sure make a good fair one ☺

  17. RobinYourHood 18 / June 26, 2016

    “Yeah” haha

  18. galaxything / June 30, 2016

    one of the greatest of all time and so humble

  19. Michael Schlosser / July 10, 2016

    What the Hell, his black Fingernails.

  20. Corey Evans / July 15, 2016

    Lee king priest

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