Leg Workout [Dumbbell Only] for Strength & MASS

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  1. nickil autar / April 22, 2015

    You deserve way more views man, this workouts the best?

  2. Tsvyatko Kolev / June 15, 2015

    Perfect when you don’t have time to go to the gym but you have dumbells
    @home :)

  3. The Limbo Theorem / June 28, 2015

    Great vid. Definitely what I was looking for since there is no barbell in
    the hotel fitness room. ?

  4. Carmen M. / July 1, 2015

    Love your workouts, a man who knows what he’s talking about (:

  5. Daniel C / November 17, 2015

    Fucking cool video. Will try this today thank you!

    • Criticalbench / November 17, 2015

      +Daniel C Thanks man! It’s a good one 🙂 CC

  6. Tan Reuel / November 23, 2015

    i tried doing the front squat but the weight always fell off as my arms are
    not developed enough to hold them there even for a rep. are there any
    tricks i can use to ensure the weight doesnt fall off when doing the front
    squat? or am i holding them wrongly?

    • Criticalbench / November 23, 2015

      +Tan Reuel Start with doing DB front squats. Just hold a single dumbbell up
      to your chest with both hands. As you develop more strength, use heavier
      dumbbells. Eventually go to TWO dumbbells and then you can begin using a
      barbell with lighter weights. Be patient and consistent and you will get
      there! CC

  7. Atul Rawat / January 19, 2016

    it gives too much rest time for every muscle
    wont that cause ripping instead of gaining??

  8. Gareth Hill / January 20, 2016

    Definitely going to try this now! Bulgarian squats are killer mate! Thanks
    for the workout

  9. Bobby Castaneda / February 4, 2016

    Awesome Video!! Really explosive!

    • Criticalbench / February 5, 2016

      +Bobby Castaneda Thank you! I love leg workouts like that…CC

  10. Gurmeet singh / February 10, 2016

    great video man! new sub from london uk!

    • Criticalbench / February 10, 2016

      +Gurmeet singh Welcome, thanks for the sub

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