Mike Rashid, Big Rob- Destroyin Arms with CT Fletcher

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1st lift was the head to head skull crushers… we used a 35lb curl bar and a 45lb plate on each side.. so 125lbs, scale the weight to whatever you can do… I did 10 reps and passed it to rob, he did 10, passed it to me, and we did that a total of 5 times for 50 reps… Next was barbell curls… We set up 3 barbells, 1st 65lbs, 2nd 95lbs, and 3rd 135lbs… curl the lightest to the heaviest 10 reps each and go back to light and repeat… DO that a total of 3 times, so thats 90 total reps and fucking BRUTAL… take short breaks when you need to but very short… next we did dumbel skull crushers on the floor… So this is a 200 rep movement… take 5 sets of dumbels, in our case we used 20, 25, 30, 35 and 40lbs… do each set 20 reps, go right to the heavier weights for 20 and keep going.. once you do the heaviest or 5th set, do it again and go back down for a total of 200 reps… fucking BRUTAL… next we did random selection on cable curls… How you do that is, you do 10 reps of curls, and your partner moves the pin randomly, you never know if its going to be heavier or lighter… You do 10 sets of 10, no breaks…. The only break is when he's changing the pin, so 3 to 5 seconds max…. Then do the same thing but with tricep extensions…. Thats all thats on the video, like I said super brutal… After, which was not recorded, we did dumbel preacher curls, and stuff like that for more detail and isolation work…. give this a try fellas, and let me know how it went… and yeah, we posted a brutal Back video on the METROFLEXLBC channel, check that out and subscribe, because there will be some legit ass training being posted over there…. Much love yall….

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  1. Ryan Henry / November 9, 2013

    The only thing that sucks about yalls video’s is watching how much weight
    yall lift and going to the gym and looking at how much I lift lol yall are

  2. Anibal Jesus Delgadillo / January 19, 2014

    “random selection,” awesome.

  3. Nelson Valdez / March 5, 2014

    Mike brotha, where them calves at? Hit those suckaz mang!

    • Liam Neeson / October 16, 2014

      He’s a boxer, like basketball and volleyball and other “bouncy” sports,
      that kind of cardio is murder on calf mass.

  4. radioactivetree2 / April 28, 2014

    isnt that bad curling form?

    • Thangs1 / June 22, 2014

      Yes it does matter, over time your body could be fcked up, because of bad
      form. But that is not a bad form of curling, they’re called cheat curls.

    • Adam Holmes / June 29, 2014

      It wasn’t strict form sure but you can’t argue with results.

    • Shi Gu / July 7, 2014

      To my point of view, form is absolutely important, but form is not
      everything. In this sport, feeling the response of the muscles is the most
      important thing. In the video you can see they are pushing their limits
      while curling those 60kg weights. You really think they can’t do proper
      forms? Probably they can do 5 proper ones, but with those 10 more cheated
      bad ones, that really construct the results.

    • Armando Reyes / October 22, 2014

      +Kpoplian When you look like either of them than talk (:

  5. Minho / June 12, 2014

    Is Big Rob natural?? im not so good into judging about these things

    • RJ Sumsum / December 1, 2015

      Yeah, he’s big but lifters on juice usually hold a much lower body fat %
      (Simeon panda) Rob just a huge monster

  6. What's Good / June 23, 2014

    Grew an inch in my arms 2 weeks after doing this , 1st week I did this ,
    2nd week I did back my normal arms routine , gotta say , it’s FUCKING

  7. Josh Greenberg / July 9, 2014

    LOL all these mothafuckaz judgin rashid and big rob about form, lets see
    how you all fucking look. 

  8. Randy White / July 25, 2014

    Did this workout and I couldnt lift my arms afterwards

  9. SocaTrain Juggling / September 4, 2014


  10. Er De / September 30, 2014

    hot sneakers what nikes are this 

  11. stebrabakone / October 12, 2014

    Damn mike way bigger now

  12. Liam Neeson / October 16, 2014

    People talking about calves… He’s a boxer, that kind of cardio is murder
    on calf mass. Same as basketball and volleyball and other sports where calf
    bouncing is heavily used. People calling no legs on a dude who can squat
    your house.

    • s1l3nce X / July 18, 2015

      Squat ur house lmaooooo

    • Matto Niyazi / February 25, 2016

      +Liam Neeson Basketball gives good calves, well did to me and my friends

  13. Christopher Waring / December 5, 2014

    Peace, Salute, Big Mike. Thank you for showing me more new reps+ things I
    can do more. Keep it up great work to you big rob.

  14. rawko / January 29, 2015

    Did your workouts today.. I’m dead.

  15. hazzo20 / February 7, 2015

    That it wasn’t good rock your back like that???

  16. Shi Gu / May 31, 2015

    i think sound track is fucked in this video

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