Monster Bicep Peaks Workout

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Hey guys, it's Mike with sixpackshortcuts.

In today's workout, it's time to build some monster bicep peaks! I've gotten a lot of questions lately in the comments about what I do for my arms, and how to develop a bicep peak? In this video I'm going to show you two of the best exercises I use to get huge muscular arms myself. This is a killer bicep workout that you can use to build arm muscle.

Building a biceps peak will make a huge difference in how large your biceps will appear. With the right development and shape, your biceps can look dramatically larger than someone who actually have bigger arms.

Also developing the muscles on the side of the arms are very important in building a complete package. In this video I'll show you how to make your arms appear much bigger and fuller from the side, front, pretty much every direction. People will be commenting on your arms in no time.

Here's how this bicep workout's done:


Sit on a bench, and put your elbow on the inside of your thigh and not sitting on top. Do a curl from this position, focusing intently on isolating and contracting your bicep. It helps to look at your bicep as you're doing this, to really make sure you're contracting throughout the entire range of motion and have the all important mind and muscle connection.


Hold the dumbbells vertically, not horizontally like regular curls. Pretend you are hold the weight as a hammer, hence the hammer curl name. Do a heavier weight, preferably a weight you could do for eight times.

I'll show an advanced power movement in this video by using a heavier weight and purposely cheating on the curls. This trick will help you build muscle faster since you'll be doing heavier weight on the negatives than you could do naturally. If you're a beginner though, keep your form strict with no cheating to stay on the safe side.

For extra isolation on your biceps, you can also keep the biceps completely vertical throughout the entire range of motion. Do this by bending your wrist at the top of the range, so that you biceps go up towards the ceiling and not back towards you like I show.


Do the 4 sets of concentration curls with 30 seconds rest in between sets. Then do the 4 sets of hammer curls, again with no more than 30 seconds rest between sets.

This workout will help you create an impressive pair of arms and really give you that powerful and solid look.

So learn to sculpt and shape the arms with us today and follow us on every episode to learn how to stack on more muscles perfectly developed muscle on, all over.

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  1. Bryan Liang / November 8, 2015

    Guys stop with the hating on our 15 year old bodybuilders. Be proud that
    these fetuses graduated from let’s play minecraft masturbating to
    bodybuilding videos.

  2. DannX4484 / November 28, 2015

    “I think it’s from all this clicking with my mouse”- right.. that’s what
    it’s from.

  3. nikan hariri / December 27, 2015

    “cheating is actually very beneficial’
    the only thing me and mike happen to agree on

  4. Hygge / April 14, 2016

    Mike, do you have your own channel? I don’t want to watch all the other
    guys in “Six Pack Shortcuts” so it’s kinda frustrating to look through all
    the videos to find the ones you’re in.

  5. rowson chowdhury / April 29, 2016

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  6. TheCooldudenike / May 19, 2016

    Thanks for the videos man! You will be missed!

    • Ali Hozaien / June 21, 2016

      What happened to him?

    • TheCooldudenike / June 21, 2016

      +Ali Hozaien nothing happened he is letting someone else take over the

    • Quintino Gt / June 23, 2016

      why did he do so? Oh mein, i starting to miss him xD

  7. ExpertUriel123 / May 29, 2016

    is 25lbs for a 16 year old alright??

    • Tyler Benson / May 29, 2016

      I personally use 35

    • Jonathan Silva / June 1, 2016

      Kinda, I’m 14 and I do 25 as well and I’m one one of the “weak kids” but
      you’re alright

    • junior / June 21, 2016

      it depends if u know that u can do it then it’s ok but if u feel that u can
      do more then go for another 5lbs

    • Samuel Mendoza / June 28, 2016

      I do 30 or 35 but it’s all about proper form.

    • BlackRose Blaze / July 5, 2016

      If you can only do 8-10 reps in a set with proper form, it’s good.

  8. Ivan Pavlović / June 1, 2016

    He is 100% natural

    • LifeAndTimesOfEdsi / June 4, 2016

      He looks natural in this video

    • Ivan Pavlović / June 4, 2016

      +LifeAndTimesOfEdsi he is hatural

    • ThatKidBryan / July 16, 2016

      You suck at trolling. Step your game up clown.

  9. Peter Smith / June 8, 2016

    and when do i take the steroids? before or after?

    • Tavin Moore / July 16, 2016

      you got me crying lol

    • James Zhou / July 22, 2016

      I don’t think Mike takes steroids, looks natural. No veins. Should be
      possible with hard work.

    • Pro Joker / July 27, 2016

      And when did you get jealous…. Before, or after?

    • Peter Smith / July 27, 2016

      +Pro Joker chill man, it was just a light joke, nothing more! I am fully
      aware of the hard work and dedication it takes to get built like this man
      regardless of what supplements are used.

  10. Charles E / June 13, 2016

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    Place to Get The Results You Want*

  11. Itztarek_ • / June 23, 2016

    He has 50 pound dumbbell and I have 20 ?

    • Your Buttcrack / June 23, 2016

      lol mate its not about weight if you want to become a bodybuilder , its
      about propper form , timing and nutrition

    • BlackRose Blaze / July 5, 2016

      Proper form with your 20 will get you to 50 in a year or two, i’m on 40 lbs
      so far, patience is key.

    • Golden Minion / July 17, 2016

      +BlackRose Blaze or you could challenge yourself and get all the way to 50
      in a month

    • BlackRose Blaze / July 17, 2016

      +Golden Minion Trying that from 20 lb max could cause potential injury.

  12. James Wilkins / June 23, 2016

    Damn, this guys boobs are bigger then most porn stars

  13. Jack Carter / July 3, 2016

    He has taught me a lot along with a guy called Scoobie.

    They genuinely want to advise use so we do not waste out time …. and so
    its weird seeing people whine about them.

  14. Gr8Ovechkin / July 6, 2016

    I’m 6′ 155 pounds low body fat, always been slim. I am curling 35 pounds
    and hammer curls of 30 about to move up 5 pounds for each in the matter of
    week or two. Is this good or no? I’ve only been lifting for about 4 weeks.
    I just turned 20 btw. My goal is to be repping 45 pounds each by the
    beginning of September, maybe end of it. And yes I do curls the right way,
    no swinging my body or anything like that. Close to my side using all arms
    keeping my elbows locked into place close to my body. So is 35-40 pounds
    good for my body weight and age? My end of the year goal is definitely no
    lower than 50.

    • Besmir Lazaj / July 6, 2016

      yeah you’re fine just try to focus more on the form and don’t work it more
      than once a week.Do NOT do more than 50 pounds tho that’s going to
      completely destroy your bis’ ?

    • Gr8Ovechkin / July 6, 2016

      +Besmir Lazaj I do focus on my form a ton. If I can’t get through 4 sets of
      8 the right way then I won’t curl that much. And why would more than 50
      destroy my biceps? Do you mean like permanently damage them?

    • Besmir Lazaj / July 6, 2016

      +Gr8Ovechkin biceps is one of the smallest muscles on your body and a heavy
      weight might damage it. Not permenantly tho but if it keeps adding up you
      can even tear the muscle and that may lead to more than 1 year of not being
      able to lift.So take care 🙂

    • Gr8Ovechkin / July 6, 2016

      +Besmir Lazaj thanks for heads ups bro! Appreciate it

  15. Francis Madira / July 25, 2016

    guys if i say 4kg dumbells does that mean 2kg in each hand or 4kg in each

  16. Martin McDonagh / August 2, 2016

    what dose it mean if your benching but can only do 4 reps and you can feel
    your face burning

  17. Damarco Santizo / August 3, 2016

    How many sets should you do if your JUST working on Biceps

  18. Shadow Heart / August 4, 2016

    what do i do if i DONT want a peak i want flat huge wide biceps

  19. Feint / August 4, 2016

    I always seem to get Tendonitis in my arms whenever I do biceps, thoughts
    anyone? help?

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