POP Pilates: Intense Ab Workout! (Full 10 min)

This one will TRULY challenge your upper, lower, and transverse abs and help get rid of that belly pooch, so do it now!

Cassey Ho is a fun Pilates Instructor who loves mixing up her moves to upbeat pop music.

Songs in this workout:

"Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger" by Daft Punk
"Da Funk" by Daft Punk
"Wildcat" by Ratatat

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  1. blogilates / January 4, 2014

    This workout is a classic isn’t it?

    • wakeupsheepleppl / August 21, 2015


    • PleasanceLiddle / August 21, 2015

      +wakeupsheepleppl no, definitely not. Look up Wild Cat by Ratatat. if Daft
      Punk uses that one then it’s a sample, I wanna sat Wild Cat came out in
      like 2006

    • PleasanceLiddle / August 21, 2015

      +wakeupsheepleppl Even better, this video is from 2010, Daft Punk didn’t
      release Get Lucky (which admittedly sounds like the Ratatat track) until

    • Brittany John / December 8, 2015

      +blogilates i remeber you made that video talking about your personal
      experience about following your dream. It truly is an inspiration to see
      how far you’ve made it. Yay Cassey!

    • Chaparron Medio Perez Gomez / March 5, 2016


  2. Franscine Garcia / June 28, 2015

    Who else is watching in 2015?

  3. Clara Sheeran / August 8, 2015

    Five years already, wow! Time flies…

  4. Sandra Božičević / August 9, 2015

    Doing this workout on my birthday 😀 I just wanna say thank you Cassey for
    changing my life and body! You are such a positive and amazing person and
    following your workouts has made me a happier person, so glad to have you
    as a pop mama!

    • Miluš Kempná / August 9, 2015

      +Sandra Božičević happy birthday girllllll 😀 ^^

    • Luna Arajewel / August 9, 2015

      +Sandra Božičević Happy birthday! 😀

  5. fangirl sharon / August 9, 2015

    August Calendar 2015, 9th. Who else is with me?

    • Polina Lebedeva / August 9, 2015

      Right here

    • Grace G / August 10, 2015

      Me! ?

    • kathath22 mod / August 10, 2015

      +fangirl sharon WHY do I feel like this is one of the harder workouts?! lol
      This one was tough for 5 years ago, but I made it!

    • Binali Patel / August 13, 2015

      +fangirl sharon on the double leg lifts i can never keep my back on the mat
      when i am going down no matter how hard i try to suck in my tummy. what
      else can be the problem?

    • fangirl sharon / August 13, 2015

      +Binali Patel maybe, it’s because your back isn’t firm enough. It’s okay,
      sometimes, mine lift up a little too. But try harder to press your lower
      back down. But if you really can’t you can place your hands in a triangle
      and put them underneath your backbone when you lie down.

  6. Hannah L. / February 2, 2016

    that was fun

  7. Andrea Valladares / February 13, 2016

    I’m watching this in 2016 lmao

  8. Diane Goh / February 21, 2016

    That was intense! Thanks.

  9. goldenniche / March 6, 2016

    I’ve been doing pop pilates for like 4 years now and holy cow you have
    helped me become so strong. There was a time when I could not even do the
    windmill with my knees bent and laying on my back, because my legs and back
    were hurting since they were weak. Now I can do it in advanced form with my
    legs straight! To anyone who is concerned about how challenging this is or
    the pain in their legs, don’t worry – it takes a long time of practice but
    if you keep it up, you will get stronger and by virtue of your strength, it
    will be easier!

  10. Pelin / April 1, 2016

    what’s the first song?

    • Laura Romero / April 7, 2016

      +Pelin Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger by Daft Punk

  11. Marta / May 26, 2016

    There is no such a thing as lower and upper abs:(, it’s a mistake, because
    it is a one big muscle

    • Marta / August 1, 2016

      Yes, you’re right with this explanation “the upper part of the one big
      muscle, or the lower part of the one big muscle” I know, I know – it’s just
      so that the name was shorter.

  12. Savanna Kastama / June 4, 2016

    I’ve been doing your workouts for only a few weeks and my body has been
    really shaping up. Thank you so much

    • Sharon Amadi / July 27, 2016

      +Savanna Kastama are your abs more defined?

  13. Dan Faulkner / June 7, 2016

    Agggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! That was solid! Need a pint now ??

  14. Mariah Padilla / June 9, 2016

    that was so quick!! haha my abs were burning like crazy and i was following
    along with u & i was surprised i was already done but it was an intense ab
    workout! thanks your so awesome ?

  15. EpicGabby / June 29, 2016

    Lol this takes balance

  16. Gabrielle Graves / June 30, 2016

    The little things she says throughout the video seem really cheesy/forced.
    Not a huge fan.

  17. E.Inyang13 / July 1, 2016


  18. julianne vega / July 1, 2016

    Hi Cassey!! I love your workouts. I’ve been searching through different
    fitness channels on youtube and you won my heart! lol. I wish you’d do new
    swiss ball exercises though for the legs and abs. Thank you!

  19. Edwige Law-Ki / July 14, 2016

    ohhh ouahh it hurts!!!not working abs as regularly as used to be so decided
    to get back on it pffft

  20. Jess Rodriguez / August 4, 2016

    Amazing!!! This video is tough. Love it!!!!

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