Rich talks with Ric about putting arm size on without overtraining.

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  1. TheGreatApe / November 26, 2014

    I do 10 sets of heavy barbell curls or so with long rest and low pump then
    I go for the pump 

    • Stephen Schmoll / February 22, 2015

      +Chris Lekks

    • T mult / March 19, 2015

      +TheGreatApe Im 4 with a 30 inch arm so yeah. Believe everything anyone says

    • Mark Richardson / June 5, 2015

      The PUMP? You dumb ol’ape. You hairy phucking gorilla.

  2. Nick Palmer / May 11, 2015

    I think the steroids that Rich has used probably also helped with him in
    gaining mass in his arms.

    • TheGodEmperorofMankind / December 30, 2015

      +Sondre Fladaas Steroids boost endurance so you can work past your limits,
      that is the main reason for using them, recovery is just a good secondary

    • Fran Batista / January 4, 2016

      +Nick Palmer Steroids don’t make a champion what it does is hard work, and
      I guarantee that he works harder than 99% of people so stop hating because
      I really doubt that you could accomplish half of his physique with steroids

  3. Biff Byfford / June 19, 2015

    As has been mentioned, he looks like a Jacked to the max James Hetfield
    here haha

  4. FroztDrake / June 25, 2015

    Ric is all about overtraining.. while Rich doesnt even think it exists…
    they should talk about it.

  5. Will Lewis / June 27, 2015

    watch up to 0:47, that explains the whole video

  6. Mike Morris / August 9, 2015

    Listen to what he’s sayin, he’s not selling u a bowflex he’s speaking the
    truth. And he’s right 

  7. Jess Sinkula / August 18, 2015

    I don’t understand these podcasts. I’ve watched a few and you guys
    contradict each other podcast from podcast.

  8. BasterMates / September 19, 2015

    NO rich your not genetically gifted well you are when it comes to oil!

    • Gunner Stump / November 1, 2015

      +CrackPot Gaming Any one that thinks he does not use SEO’s is
      a complete fucking idiot. All you have to do is look at his arm shape
      and structure and it’s vary apparent. Guys like Rich use
      there “honesty” as a tool so people will believe what they say. Now I’m
      not saying everything he (and guys like him) say is bull, Just that you
      have to take it with a grain of salt and use common sense to filter out the
      lie’s from the truth.

  9. Jimmy THE S / September 23, 2015

    X2 LEGENDS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks a lot Gentlemen

  10. Fernando Alvarado / October 4, 2015

    rich’s answer to all of these question.
    rich : “Use Steriods”

  11. bob ode / October 24, 2015

    yo Ric where can i get your t-shirt

  12. Andy Moon / December 28, 2015

    Ric is one of the few gentlemen left in my opinion. These 2 guys are great
    together. Some people who don’t understand are quick to judge. You can’t
    manufacture knowledge like this, only way to get is years of experience.

  13. 111metalwrx / January 29, 2016

    love this Ric guy always asks the right question..and for Rich well another
    planet thats for sure incredible thx for so much honesty

  14. Martin Lee / February 10, 2016

    hopefully classic physique will bring back those 70’s bodies… i hope

    • Giovanni Pandini / March 28, 2016

      +Martin Lee we shall see how long it lasts. the judges need to be really
      strict in grading like a classic physique body is supposed to be

  15. HILARIO DECASTRO / May 14, 2016

    good show!
    can you talk about muscle memory?

  16. Cody “Papa” L / May 16, 2016

    papi papi

  17. John Matrix / May 23, 2016

    Rich was way cooler back when this was made

  18. Joe Jam / June 29, 2016

    damn, just 2 years ago, rich didn’t look disformed, he looks like a side
    show freak now

  19. Arthur Humphrey / July 5, 2016

    all you got to do is workout alot dumbass

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