SEAL Fit Barbell Complex

WWW.SEALFIT.COM Barbell Complex, 6 of each, 1. Dead Lift 2. Up right Row 3. Squat Clean 4. Front Squat 5. Push Press 6. Back Squat 7. Burpees or Push-ups. For SEAL Fit WOD please visit

Rates : 0
  1. docterrell / January 5, 2013


  2. trfitness89 / February 2, 2013

    Why not critique his form? Does it means his form is perfect if he does
    this more than us? Even the pushup is wrong, shoulder movement on deadlifts
    are wrong.

  3. Cody Long / February 18, 2013

    hes getting critiqued on everypart of his workout cause he cant do any of
    it right..seals fitness challenge is a joke 50% of the population can
    probably do it. stop acting like seals are so tough

  4. nivek nailgun / April 7, 2013

    LOL said Cody Long, nonSEAL.

  5. murdaface724 / April 11, 2013

    Step 1. Join navy. Step 2. Apply for seal training Step 3. (This is the
    hardest part) GRADUATE Congratulations uou now have free reign to spew all
    the bullshit you want without argument. Seals arent tough? Try the “Murph”
    its a crossfit workout invented by a seal who died in iraq. Do that and
    then tell me seals are not tough

  6. MacAttack28 / April 12, 2013

    Been doing this for the past week. I do it with 10’s on each side and I’m
    smoked after 6 sets of each, 2 minute rest then repeat for 6 sets.

  7. Cody Long / April 14, 2013

    when am i ever going to need to speak dari or pashto? and your trained in
    weapon systems? cool, cant stress how much you’ll never need that on a
    daily basis get a real job and stop thinking your a war hero. how is
    stealing other countries oil and policing the world making a difference?

  8. masteroftherifle / April 26, 2013

    Not going to argue, just finished “Murph” myself, but he died in

  9. murdaface724 / April 26, 2013

    You certain about that all the reports i read say iraq time frame is about
    right too

  10. masteroftherifle / April 26, 2013

    Pretty sure, you can read his official MoH citation on the navy website, I
    believe that it was in Konar Province

  11. MacAttack28 / April 27, 2013

    You’re so beyond stupid it’s not even worth making you look idiotic. Get a
    “real job”… are you fucking serious? What? A fucking keyboard or
    clipboard jockey? Working at the local grocery store? You think SEALs just
    fight in the Middle East? They take care of threats you’ll never even hear
    about, all around the world. As for a “real job”, any SEAL of SF member can
    get a job as a mercenary doing the same thing and make 100K in 6 months

  12. MacAttack28 / April 27, 2013

    And you’ll never need those languages, but you’re such a fucking genius the
    main point flew right by you. Point was they’re not easy languages and
    aren’t taught in high schools around the country. Not sure where you’re
    hatred is coming from but these guys make more of a difference in a weekly
    basis than you will in your entire fucking life. That’s a fact. May I ask
    what you do that’s so meaningful? I can do what you do easily you fucking

  13. Vin cent / July 9, 2013

    hahahaha ale chujowy zawodnik,z chujowym ciezarem

  14. MAP STRENGTH / July 28, 2013

    this is an awesome demonstration. these types of bb complex’s get super
    tough especially when you use them as finishers. I personally use these my
    self to get super ripped and shredded. check out my channel and see some
    other bb complexes that you can use for your workouts! m Azurdia

  15. rudy rada / August 5, 2013

    Kevin Bacon is pretty convincing in this movie

  16. MrGiantSize / October 29, 2013

    cody… you’re a fucking idiot

  17. harborx310xarea / July 24, 2016

    Look It’s a mini cena ??

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