Seated barbell calf raise exercise

"Seated barbell calf raise" is a variant of the classic "seated calf machine"

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  1. Deidade Kalondjo / October 21, 2010

    niiiiice…didnt know about this one

  2. adgcb44 / October 21, 2010

    i just got the biggest cramp ever while doing this…

  3. ken wasiqi / October 22, 2010

    one two one two!!

  4. Hare Krishna / October 22, 2010

    Id rather skate..

  5. Passion4Profession / October 22, 2010

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  6. Zavon415 / October 23, 2010

    @bluetekki its not even a machine.

  7. Zed M / October 24, 2010

    Great exercise, BUT you need to have a good amount of weight on the bar
    because your calfs are already lifting the whole body when you walk, run
    etc. So the weights got to be greater than BW to have an impact.

  8. RoyalCaoCao / October 27, 2010

    Woah, nice workout.

  9. Nick Yanacopoulos / May 15, 2011

    Like this if you are tired of seeing the asian ripped guy on the related
    videos and on your home page… NO I DON’T WANT TO WORK OUT WITH A TOWEL.

  10. les11997 / September 17, 2011

    @TheLam777 you probably have too much weight on it

  11. Kyle Mascia / November 2, 2011

    80,000th veiwer!!!

  12. Austin Scriver / November 28, 2011

    I weigh 190 pounds and do these with one foot because of a workout app that
    I have, how much weight should I put 380 pounds?

  13. FrozenCrewGr / January 18, 2012

    this workout sux lol.

  14. Kskskaama / February 27, 2012

    if you go to gym with a leg press machine just raise it with your calves
    and it does wonders. but since i can only do this right now ima do it cuz
    my calves are getting small again

  15. AceOfSpades1197 / January 23, 2013

    Use more weight then…

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  18. Jeremy Stark / July 24, 2013

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  20. David Bardell / November 14, 2013

    would be good to do it everydays?´╗┐

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