Secret To Bigger Arms – How To Build Big Biceps Fast (Big Brandon Carter)

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  1. SGTTangoGaming / January 12, 2014

    0:58 sounds like you fart man. Haha, I’m childish.. wait, focus! back to
    muscle building.

    • SGTTangoGaming / January 13, 2014

      Lmfao you actual legend!

    • CJAY HOFSCHNEIDER / June 9, 2014

      +Brandon Carter yeah like who cares its natural

    • SGTTangoGaming / June 9, 2014

      +CJAY HOFSCHNEIDER Brown nosing for days.

    • Jay Bird / August 30, 2014

      +Brandon Carter Fucken Brandon…yur funny bro! Good video

  2. Fausto Espinoza / June 4, 2014

    im masturbating tothis

  3. Art Uro / August 20, 2014

    0:50″ “It’s like a preacher curl but I like it better ’cause 1: It’s not
    a preacher curl… you can stand up and do it”

    Gotta love Bro Science, brah… LOL

    • Brandon Carter / August 21, 2014

      +Art Uro That was a joke, the point was that I workout at home a lot and
      this is cheaper than buying a preacher curl. I said that RIGHT after

    • nabil bashir / December 23, 2014

      Funny how you’re more focused on pointing things that may be amusing rather
      than actually paying attention to the tips he’s giving.

    • Piddu / January 5, 2015

      and farts right afer

  4. Johnny Cage / January 24, 2015

    I just got myn today from ebay. £12.50! Such a bargain! Carn’t wait to take
    it the gym

  5. SoftwareHacked / February 8, 2015

    Hey Brandon, is this still worth it to get? Im contemplating on whether i
    should buy it or not right now.

    • Brandon Carter / February 8, 2015

      I like it a lot. even if you don’t, it’s cheap 😉

  6. edandcarmen / August 14, 2015

    Great advise homie got to pick me up a bicep blaster.

  7. Victor Garcia / August 30, 2015

    where do I buy that device

  8. Chisom Odoemena / September 17, 2015


  9. Build Healthy Living / September 24, 2015

    Thanks man. Appreciate your review. I plan on buying one now since i don’t
    have room in my house either.

  10. Blast and Cruise Protocol from Hell / October 10, 2015


  11. James Cianfrocca / November 11, 2015

    more like fag grips lol

  12. Ruth Ellen / December 5, 2015

    love it

  13. Boddah / February 12, 2016

    He blasted a fart 0:59

    • Augusto Brasil Ocampo Medina / March 3, 2016

      +Boddah lol true¡¡¡due to the effort made 😀 jajajaja

  14. Zach Fritz / March 9, 2016

    Going all the way down is good for building strength because you can lift
    through more of a range of motion BUT for Mass and Size you don’t wanna go
    all the way to keep tension on the biceps. Time under Tension Bro!

  15. Skypers Tutorials / May 1, 2016

    lmao I’m heading to Walmart for some vinyl weights right now

  16. Jayden Brooks Wolfe / June 9, 2016

    you helped me thak you (:

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