Shoulder Exercises – Seated Barbell Military Press

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  1. Prince / October 12, 2008

    can i do this with my dumbells

  2. D13051993B / November 15, 2008

    nope you gotta use a stantard barbell

  3. liverawrealrwa / November 25, 2008

    no it will help all around

  4. Eddie Mckenzie / March 1, 2009

    I wanna try it … but since it’s not a popular exercise, I think ppl at
    the gym would think I’m crazy if I were to perform it .

  5. Team Brahma / March 16, 2009

    Do it anyhow…who cares what people think…lol. Either this or the
    standing variation is a great mass builder so it’s worth it.

  6. MuscleBoy1122 / April 18, 2009

    who cares what the people at your gym think you look like when doing
    exercises…care about what they’ll think when you have nicely toned arms
    and shoulders!

  7. Andy Arnold / April 24, 2009

    dude if arnold did this ur not that crazy

  8. forridersofsatan / April 24, 2009

    i have been doing this exercises for a good few months and i havent noticed
    any change,am i doing somethink wrong?

  9. Jack Jackson / May 6, 2009

    it depends……your muscles may not respond well to some exercises….its
    all about genetics….try the seated dumbell press or side laterals

  10. kevin / May 11, 2009

    That is correct, I try to do raises, sholder press, and shrugs. then a
    random exercise to finish them off. Also, nutrition, sleep, and proper form
    play a big part in results. If you don’t have very good ab definition, you
    won’t have very much sholder definition. Body goes in order like this ->
    bone, muscle, body fat, skin. As you can see, if you reduce bodyfat, you
    can see your muscles easier, since there is a less coverage.

  11. canceriancharisma / May 13, 2009

    how many days do u go to the gym ? how much time do u spend over there ?
    are u into a routine or not ? like chest….next day shoulders…then
    wings…etc ? and most importantly technique…are you doing it correctly ??

  12. Imran Suhail / May 28, 2009

    do 5 sets with such weight that you achieve failure between 6-8 reps not
    more. more importantly, analyse your diet. take a wehy protein shake
    immediately post workout and feed yourself proteins every 3-4 hours

  13. Imran Suhail / May 28, 2009

    pressure on back is not bad actually, it forces your back and core musles
    to strengthen too, which you will need in the long run

  14. boo shk / May 29, 2009


  15. SSdraken / June 28, 2009

    I disagree. You will se some progress regardless of your genetics. If
    things aren’t working I’d suggest you look at your diet.

  16. Pier-Luc Montgrain / August 5, 2009

    You train for yourself or for others?… WTF…

  17. funnyganda / September 9, 2009

    try bumping up the weights!!

  18. Wasabi Peas / October 8, 2009

    you have to do your exercise harder in order to grow muscle mass. Basically
    your muscles should be sore the next day – thats how you know you’re
    growing new muscle.

  19. Lee Log / October 23, 2009

    you really don’t need the exercise as you hit the anterior head of the
    deltoid druting all pushing movements flat bench, incline, dips, ect, side
    laterals hit the lateral head of the delt making you appear rounder,
    winder, that would be the choice of exercise for the delts IMHO if anything
    the shoulder press overtrains the shoulders.

  20. Vicious Tacticious / December 26, 2011

    @delgerbileg Actually the soreness of the muscle (DOMS) has nothing to do
    with how good of a workout you got. Look it up.

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