Shoulder Work Out @bartkwan

Beat them shoulders up!

Beat by Chris Mecca:

Filmed by Geo:

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  1. Gabriel Leung / January 12, 2015

    Lol. Your goal in the gym is to kill yourself. LMAO

    • Free Floating / March 22, 2015

      I am sure anyone who goes to the gym makes killing themselves their
      eventual goal.

    • Georg Wilde / January 21, 2016

      +Gabriel Leung If many people seriously considered this, the gym would be
      better place.

  2. Richie Rich / July 25, 2015

    Lmao this guy is hilarious. Subscribed !

  3. Drew R / August 7, 2015

    “You wanna throw your hands up faster than an asian kid in math class” lmao

  4. Mike Simone / August 15, 2015

    lol at 4:08, he is working on fist pumping for raves

  5. Sarmad Ahmad / October 3, 2015

    Lol!! “You wanna throw your hands up faster than an asian kid in maths

  6. GoldbergandPartners / November 30, 2015

    your one funny rude, son of a gun

  7. Michelle Smith / January 26, 2016

    Lol you’re awesome!

  8. Ste ve / February 20, 2016

    Bart was so lean

  9. Jeff Mays / February 27, 2016

    0:21 ??????????????????????????????? Background guy

  10. Trevan Powell / March 5, 2016

    @ 3:17 “Mudafu-uuh” XD

  11. zander kirk / March 8, 2016


  12. Carlos Barrios / March 9, 2016

    Dam I crack up when the dude was on them cables

  13. Iggy / March 22, 2016

    LOL Bart is a fucking savage!!!

  14. 1gap / April 30, 2016

    ?????? fuk me sideways and call me susie!!… that was funny as
    hell!!! bart u cracka me upa!

  15. Strength in Manlets / June 8, 2016

    back in the bro ol days bart!

  16. Love Pain to see the gain / June 14, 2016

    LOL guy, dont ever shut up, keep talking, it makes my day, everyday :D

  17. Eazy_Lifeb TV / June 21, 2016

    now i see why his shoulders are so massive.

    • Wombat Dribble / June 23, 2016

      not so much anymore sadly….

    • function:MAL / July 17, 2016

      +Wombat Dribble sadly? He was bulking, he’s currently at his strength peak.
      He has giant shoukders, he just has a hefty layer of fat over them. But
      he’s cutting right now, soon enough he’ll be as lean as he was before, just
      much more muscular. Please inform yourself before you make any judgments .

    • Wombat Dribble / July 17, 2016

      +function:MAL bruh, chill man i didn’t mean to insult Bart, i’m also a fan
      of him a lot lol. But honestly, even Bart said it himself he’s shoulders
      are small right now, he has neglected them and has only trained them as
      accessories to his bench, he does only heavy OHP and rarely ever dumbbell
      presses. You saw when he cut down to make weight at the his other Anaheim
      meet, he’s shoulders wasn’t on par as it was here, and imagine not training
      them serious ever since until now. I mean yes hes on a bulk right now, but
      his shoulders aren’t even visable at all, usually theres some separation
      you would see, but Bart also has stated he’s shoulders suck really bad for
      the past years of powerlifting. Props to him for doing a lot of shoulder
      body building movements now, I see your point that he has a layer of fat
      over his shoulders, but I guarantee you it won’t be as defined, and
      separated as the Bart here. Hes 3 heads of his shoulders where separated
      when he does the back double biceps, and he isn’t even that lean here. Do
      you want to talk about how he’s shoulders would be bigger than here when he
      cuts, after now seriously training them at all for couple of years? LOL

  18. ItsTheJemz • / July 6, 2016

    LOL WTF BART y u so high

  19. Noble Savage / August 3, 2016

    faster than a Asian kid in a math class lol…I’m dead

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