StrongLifts 5×5 Workout A: FULL Video (Official)

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This is the official StrongLIfts 5×5 workout A video… StrongLifts 5×5 is the simplest and most powerful workout to gain strength and muscle while burning fat… without using drugs or steroids and training only three times a week.

Watch me doing the full StrongLifts 5×5 workout A… showing your proper form on the Squat, Bench Press and Barbell Row… and answering common questions about StrongLifts 5×5 like how to warmup, how much rest to take between sets, how fast to lift, how to breathe, and a lot, lot more so you get maximum gains with StrongLifts 5×5.

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  1. Victor B / January 26, 2016

    I’ve made more gains with this in the last 3 months than I have in 10
    years, smashed my plateau! All the compounds, no bullshit. Follow the plan,
    work hard, discipline your mind, squat hard enough to push the earth out of
    orbit and eat like a beast, but eat clean goddamnit! If not all your hard
    work will be for nothing. Maintain strict form or go home, compounds can
    make or break you. Plus stretch daily, you don’t wanna bulk up and become a
    dysfunctional walking vegetable, or worse.

    • Joao Machado / June 1, 2016

      you have to keep the same weight throughout the session (excluding the
      warmup reps) you only increase from day to day but that should be well
      explained in the website.

    • Cole Rollins / July 17, 2016

      The only problem I see if the guys in the videos who do it is how comes
      there skinny and not big

    • Crystal Bodette / July 19, 2016

      Strength does not necessarily equal size.

    • Rafid Khan / August 1, 2016

      Can I know the different types/routine of stretches you do ?

  2. Micah / March 16, 2016

    Muscle tears suck, I’ve been there. Warming up is important. Never neglect

  3. herve k / March 26, 2016

    that accent….. makes the video even more interesting???

  4. Josh Josheron / May 22, 2016

    Lol 3 hours later voice

    • Flawless_Nirvana / July 16, 2016

      StrongLifts 2.0 changes to the british announcer from can you spare a dime

  5. Kuhra Ezah / May 30, 2016

    The squat is amazing, but the deadlift is king.

    • Perret Laurent / June 20, 2016

      Thé only reason to do squat is to improve deadlift.

  6. Jamie Legends / June 10, 2016

    I farted once while doing barbell row.

    I left the gym

    • Ging Freecss / July 30, 2016

      I cant get above 100 kg squat with 90 degree angled knees and 65 kg bench
      and 100kg DL FOR 6 MONTHS NOW!! Im not progressing in mass nour
      strength!!!!! Wut do?!?

    • Josh .Christian / July 30, 2016

      +Ging Freecss testosterone.

    • Josh .Christian / July 30, 2016

      Jamie legends that’s something to be proud of, hopefully you cleared the
      room. bam open squat rack.

  7. Perret Laurent / June 20, 2016

    Je ne comprends cette rage du squat. Ce n’est pas le roi des exercices, je
    dirais plutôt la reine vu son côté féminin. Par contre le sdt mérite bien
    plus cette place. C’est l’exercice le plus complet en musculation (hors
    haltérophilie et alors que ce n’est pas mon exercice préféré).

    Du coup j’ai modifié ce programme que je trouve génial à une sauce qui me
    convient. Au lieu de faire squat, DC et rowing puis squat, DM et soulevé de
    terre, je fais DC, rowing, sdt puis DM, tractions lestées et front squat.
    C’est la meilleure manière de bosser la poussée, le tirage et les jambes
    sous 2 angles différents et complémentaires.

  8. Chantal Chantal / June 27, 2016

    Phones have no place in the gym…unless you’re using the 5×5 app ???

  9. Bruce Wayne / June 30, 2016

    Every big guy I’ve talked to in my gym said that they have never lifted
    below 8 reps. They are always doing 8-15 reps, 45-90 secs between sets, and
    they are constantly dripping with sweat.I may have to side with the big
    guys at gym,.

    • Bruce Wayne / July 19, 2016

      +MLGKillimanjaroKid Pictures or GTFO

    • Bruce Wayne / July 19, 2016

      +MLGKillimanjaroKid science says 8-12 reps. You say 5 reps. If you can’t
      show me your success with 5 reps training, than I am only left with science
      to trust.

    • Michael Lee / July 27, 2016

      Of course you are smaller now. This program is not geared specifically
      toward hypertrophy. However, once you are stronger, doing a higher rep
      range heavy will make you bigger than you were before. You switched from
      doing 180 reps per week to 30 – you reduced the volume by 6X – that’s
      massive. However, you will be able to up the volume at a higher weight once
      you gain strength, and will be much bigger than you are.

  10. aasimrefai / June 30, 2016

    how often do u hydrate during training?

    • evd rasting / June 30, 2016

      Just drink when you are thirsty. It isn´t a specific rule for that

    • ShyBoy6ty9 / July 9, 2016

      No specific rule, but I like to sip a little water JUST A SIP between sets
      or after every other set. Otherwise, a good rule of thumb is that you
      should be urinating clear or light yellow every 2-3 hours throughout the

  11. Colyn Palmer / July 3, 2016

    how many times do I do this a week

    • gmuzic4lyfe / July 4, 2016

      3 days a week. ensure at least one day of rest in between workout days.

  12. Bruhman, 5th Floor / July 11, 2016

    what if you do a set and you can’t complete it? just repeat that weight the
    next time you do that exercise?

  13. schanzyboy / July 18, 2016

    would this program be good for a rugby player?
    (15 years old, been lifting for about 1 month, outside centre)

    • 8 8 / July 19, 2016


    • Boltzmann88 / July 23, 2016

      I second that

      Especially the overhead press, will help you to reduce chance for shoulder
      injury which is pretty common in rugby

  14. Haithem Nasri / July 28, 2016

    im 180 cm
    70 to 72 kg
    and i havent ever lifted before
    is this good for me or shall i build some muscle before starting
    i dont eat well i feel like i should gain some weight then start
    or how ?

    • Josh .Christian / July 30, 2016

      This is great for you. just start with a weight that is comfortable.

  15. IAmCatElf / July 29, 2016

    damn I would love for you to help me with my form ;)

  16. Ging Freecss / July 30, 2016

    I cant get above 100 kg squat with 90 degree angled knees and 65 kg bench
    and 100kg DL FOR 6 MONTHS NOW!! Im not progressing in mass nour
    strength!!!!! Wut do?!?

  17. TheSteelstallions / August 2, 2016

    can you do cardio after this work out and on your off days,

  18. Armando A Enamorado / August 5, 2016

    how do i use the fucking spread sheet you linked

  19. Adam “FFP” Ferens / August 6, 2016

    I have a question. ive been wanting to get stronger but ive wanted to
    improve my size too. for about a month I was doing a circuit workout 6x
    reps benchpress, 14 rep curls, and 12 weighted lounges each leg. with
    assistance exercises. I started this earlier this week, and my muscles
    actually look smaller, I eat big and I take protein after each workout and
    creatine, but I would like some help on my muscles being bigger too. thanks

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