StrongLifts Member Tom – Barbell Row Technique

Here's the best workout I've found to get stronger:

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  1. Iffah Ullah / February 21, 2012

    see i only have 40kg in my weight bucket at the moment – so being able to
    do it like this is something i would love to do but cant because my maximum
    row is something like 20g – all together! but still thats 4, 5kg plates,
    making bending over to do rows from the floor awkward – for back and knees
    — – – – any suggestions??? other than buy more wieghts/bigger plates cos
    im broke lol

  2. Ebvardh Boss / February 21, 2012

    @kyle0681 It’s a good exercise to do when you have a back injury.

  3. LehmannDaHero / March 14, 2012

    Not kidding but this along with the Overhead press are the 2 exercises I
    find that i have most difficulty in :'(

  4. Chris Lee / March 22, 2012

    It doesn’t look like the barbell is touching your chest – that’s the part I
    struggle with as well. Is it alright to just go lift the bar within 2
    inches of your chest?

  5. mashrojo / April 13, 2012

    Question: Guys, what muscles does this workout, well workout? Thank you

  6. 911sanitarium / April 22, 2012

    what is this variation of the row called i forgot the name?

  7. thethirdman1018 / May 2, 2012

    Raising the bar on a couple of plates to get it higher off the ground

  8. KidScipio / May 2, 2012

    I usually work out to avril lavigne.

  9. Christopher Catton / May 19, 2012

    Haha! Best comment ever!

  10. Carlos Sanchez / August 9, 2012

    It’s how Mehdi said it is supposed to be done. Althought I do it too, I’m
    still looking for the right reason. Maybe because it does requires more
    balance to drop it and lift it again from scratch

  11. Flar452 / August 18, 2012

    Its to get a full range of motion, if you don’t then your only doing a half
    rep and half reps are no good for strength and can injure you.

  12. LilHltler / August 30, 2012

    he isn’t touching his chest though, how can that be perfect form?

  13. xxstealerxx / September 15, 2012

    yes he is, if you listen closely the bar is hitting his chest.

  14. Bloodytwinz / September 22, 2012

    Some people I know kept calling it the Bentley or Pently row something
    along those lines. I just know mehdi calls it “Barbell row” and thats fine
    by me.

  15. anonymousvidlover / October 2, 2012

    Is it so bad to train squats in the smith machine? My gym doesn’t have a
    power rack so I have to do the squats in the smith. I do the warm ups in
    the free weights though and I can feel how the two movements are different.

  16. GabrielKStyle / October 15, 2012

    its very bad try doing a zercher squat

  17. hevquip / November 1, 2012

    stronglifts recommends it more so this way because by putting it on the
    ground and lifting it again, you’re resetting the load and working the
    lower back more as well. that’s the only reason.

  18. amoran225 / March 6, 2014

    I didn’t know you were meant to row the bar to your chest..

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