Swiss Ball Dumbbell Overhead Extension | Arm Workout

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Hi. So today I am going to go over with you a stability ball, seated stability ball overhead dumbbell triceps extension. Now you can do this with one are or two. I am going to show you two arms.

What you are going to do, because you are sitting on the ball, your core is a big factor in this. And because it is an overhead exercise it puts that much more strain on your core, so this one is a real tough exercise to do properly. Make sure that your feet are well planted, because it is a triceps exercise, you are going to be working your triceps primarily. Again, your core is going to be involved, your shoulders are going to be involved, your back is going to be involved just because you are on this ball and your hands are overhead so in order to stay firm, you are going to use your whole body, whether you know it or not.

So before this, you are going to choose a weight that you are comfortable with, that you are not going to knock yourself out with. It is always good to have a spotter behind you just in case. So if that is available then absolutely have one.

To start this exercise you are going to start off overhead. Now you can see that I am at a disadvantage with stability right now. I am going to keep my feet firmly planted, my core is tight. You are going to come down. Elbows are going to stay in; you are not going to flare them out. Keep your elbows in. Make sure that you get a good stretch in your triceps right there. Come up and squeeze. You are not going to completely lock out your arms because that could do damage to your elbow joint, so just a slight bend, come back down, stretch and squeeze.

Now right now my back is tight. My abs are tight. It is working so much more than just my triceps. My shoulders are burning. This is a great one for at home, in the gym, anytime really. The heavier you go the more strain you are going to put on your entire body so it is a real calorie burner, believe it or not.

Anytime you work against gravity you breathe out. So I am pushing against gravity, exhale, come down, and inhale. Again, make sure that you are very stable. You do not want to cheat this exercise because it can cause a lot of injury to yourself or to someone standing around you if you drop the dumbbell. And that is a seated stability ball overhead dumbbell extension.

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    i sucked a couple swiss balls before.

  3. Twisted Transistor / September 9, 2012

    Very good! 😀 but i hope to see more Dumbbell video exercises, it will be

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    who’s hE? he’s really hot!

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    I know, i wanna lick his biceps

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    He’s so big and sexy damn he has a sexy voice too

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    I think I will just ‘like’ all of these home workout videos from now on.

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  10. Edward Sabio / April 27, 2014

    Thank you

  11. Martin Gamer / October 26, 2014

    Is there any way to emulate the shakiness of the ball if we don’t actually
    have one?

  12. FedorSaku / June 5, 2015

    Hey Brett…great video using your advice on triceps. I have a couple
    questions for you. What is a good exercise to build chest using a dumbbell
    in the sitting position or standing position? And what is a good ab
    exercise while sitting or standing? I am doing standing bicycle crunches.
    Any other recommendations. Thanks for the video and any advice you give.

    • Jake Turner / October 28, 2015

      It’s not possible to work the chest from a seating or standing position.
      Your pectoral muscles are activated whenever you push out from your body
      working against gravity, which is impossible unless you’re lying on your

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