The Best Two-Dumbbell Workout for MEN, “Get Growth very fast with this full-body dumbbell routine.”

The Best Two-Dumbbell Workout for MEN, "Get Growth very fast with this full-body dumbbell routine." Are you tired of using a dozen different machines and weights for your workouts at the gym? Simplify with these easy dumbbell workouts designed to build muscle.

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  1. Damian Dunlap (SinToBeFat) / February 16, 2016

    Great video

    • makingthebest09 / February 16, 2016

      +Damian Dunlap (SinToBeFat) Try it for 10 days… once you are done I will
      share some other videos that I feel are THE BEST workouts from my personal
      library…. Keep me posted!

  2. Millionaire Hoy / February 16, 2016

    Great work, man. Respect

    • makingthebest09 / February 17, 2016

      +Millionaire Hoy thanks bro!

  3. HoodSensei / April 20, 2016

    15 minutes in and I’m sweating like a muh’. Nice workout!

  4. winnerbg1 / June 18, 2016

    Do you know some dumbel excercise for back ?

    • Rob Claypool / July 20, 2016

      one arm rows, chest supported rows

  5. stelios bouzou / June 21, 2016

    nice, but how many seconds in every excersise?

    • Anthony DiEva / July 27, 2016

      “Great work out, but you make no mention of duration for each exercise, or
      sets and reps”!!

  6. intellectualidiot / June 24, 2016

    Much love from the UK dude, that was dope.

  7. Richard Boldbrooker / July 24, 2016

    If you are looking for HIT or HIIT; a combination of cardio fitness and
    strength; then you don’t exercise for longer than 40 minutes.

    • cpmedinah / July 25, 2016

      This workout is about 40 minutes. The first 8 minutes is a full body

    • Richard Boldbrooker / July 25, 2016

      Then that is 8 minutes longer than it needs to be. 40 minutes tops,
      including warm-up and any static stretching afterwards. Otherwise you
      effect muscle growth of fast switch fibres and start developing your slow
      switch fibres. You’re still getting fit, but it is a different kind of
      fitness; it’s a marathon runners physique. But my concern is that this
      program of yours perpetuates all the myths about, no pain, no gain, and
      that the longer you train; the quicker you get a ripped body. These are
      falsehoods. 30 to 40 minutes for a body weight program, and 20 to 30
      minutes if you are using dumbbells or kettlebells. There’s no need for more
      than 3 sessions a week, but you can say do a 40 minute program that is
      broken into two twenty minute sessions over the day. But I’m afraid the
      fantastic physique comes over a continuous 12 month program with an
      appropriate diet. Which can be easily maintained with shorter bursts of
      HIIT or HIT, when desired physique is acquired, but the appropriate diet is
      indefinite, and there is no short cuts to the perfect physique in terms of
      time. And you should make it clear that your physique is the result of
      years of continuous training,

  8. M Niranth / July 24, 2016

    most dynamic workout ever seen! respect!

  9. Pat Jack / July 25, 2016

    Love the yellow highlighted annotations at the bottom of the screen, nice.

  10. noavgjoe / July 25, 2016

    You killed it! Thanks for the inspiration to do & be better.

  11. tman55575 / July 25, 2016

    great workout ! very inspirational!

  12. Tonio Yendis / July 31, 2016

    This is some great circuit-training! I got a long ways to go to work my way
    up to this level, but this motivates me to push harder. Mad respect, my

  13. SELVA THARRUN SURESH / August 1, 2016


  14. greencase / August 1, 2016

    you got ur physique doing this 4 times a month? no way.

  15. janwarrington / August 2, 2016

    finding this workout better to follow and copy in real time than all the
    others that talk you through it………….this is great, new moves I
    wouldn’t have done. Cheers man

  16. Rudy Neptune / August 2, 2016

    Awesome , on days I can’t get to the gym , I can simply follow this
    routine. Amazing physique.. Thank you.

  17. Marco Ruschkowski / August 5, 2016

    Give that video a commentary

  18. mrgreeneye656 / August 5, 2016

    Cool stuff bro! That step back, is that for stretching ?

  19. A. Mairican / August 5, 2016

    ads in the middle are going to lose you views.

  20. Maite diaz / August 5, 2016


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