OH MAN. This is the Arms & Abs portion of The Rock's Hercules Workout Program.

Hey guys, it's me Derek Pham, for another review of The Rock's Hercules Workout Program – the workout program that Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson used in the upcoming movie Hercules 2014.

You can find full details of this workout program on a lot of sites, magazines, even the Rock's instagram, so no this isn't my workout program, I'm just going to go through it with you guys, give you guys a bit of an insight into the whole program. This vid will be covering the Arms & Abs workout, which I've now UPDATED with The Rock's actual Reps and Sets Scheme.

Here's the breakdown of this workout:

1. Triceps Push-downs (Normal Grip) (3 sets x 12reps)
2. Triceps Push-downs (Narrow Grip) (3 sets x 12reps)
3. Lying Tricep Skullcrushers (3 sets of 15reps)
4. BB Bicep Curls (3-4sets of 8-12reps)
5. Machine Preacher Curls (3-4sets of 8-12reps)
6. Alternating DB Hammer Curls (3-4sets of 8-12reps)
7. Double Crunches (3 sets x25)
8. SUPERSET // Rope Crunches + Leg Raises (4 sets x20)

What do I like?
– Well, I love the fact that there's a dedicated Arms day… Which means you can concentrate all your effort into growing BOTH the Triceps and Biceps. Sometimes it can be hard to train Triceps – say – at the tail end of a Chest workout, or Biceps at the end of a Back workout because you're fatigued already, and your fuels exhausted. So with a dedicated Arms day, you can go all out!

– It's a good balanced workout of biceps and triceps so nobody's forgotten here.

– This workout starts off with triceps, which is good for 2 reasons: 1) lift heavier weights to get the blood pumping into the arms, 2) harder to train triceps after biceps are pumped because they are a little obstructive.. when you have big biceps. I wouldn't know, this is just what I heard…Haha.

What I dont like?
I love this workout, but if I were to be real picky, I'd have to change the first 2 exercises. 2 triceps push downs with different grips – may be a bit of a variation, but I would prefer to see more variation… Like going from a straight bar to a rope, feels different, and a bit of variety.

So, what do I think?
I think this is a simple bodybuilder-type of workout that isn't just limited to trained athletes. New trainees could use this too. And you can see that it does work for sure. Just look at the Rock, am I right?

Remember… "THIS IS AN ARMS RACE." Haha.

So again, a BIG thank you and a BIG shout out to Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson and his trainer for sharing this workout and all other workout tips with the rest of the world.


P.S. Let me know what you think by leaving me a comment below. Also, feel free to ask me directly if you want any specific tips and info on working out, dieting, exercising etc. Happy to help where I can!

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    Hey I know it might be late for this video but take a look at this. It
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    nice video bro

  3. The Swedes Versus / July 24, 2014

    Except this isn’t his hercules workout. He posted the real one and this is
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