The Ultimate Guide to Big Ass Arms | Mike Rashid | Big Rob

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  1. TheTerribleTwinsOfficial / January 17, 2015

    Great video bro – TTT need to get on that Collab we are on about! We are in
    the USA this year a few times. 

    • Thick, Solid Natty / March 18, 2015

      +hardcorebarbell You are exceptionally dense my friend. Regardless of if
      you;re being sarcastic or not.

    • Michael Rangel / July 17, 2015

      +Mike Rashid thanks for all he videos you put out.. it’s helped me a lot

    • Shaquille Morton / October 21, 2015

      every1 chill out hating steroids are always going to be in body building
      but seriously check my channel subscribe got more videos coming soon will
      see majors natural improvements Shaquille Morton make sure you guys
      subscribe !

    • PERFECTION / February 26, 2016

      +Mike Rashid so always heavy weight? No bodybuilder style low weight high

  2. Tom Andersson / February 22, 2015

    20 inch arms! i do not think so Mike! they look smaller maybe 17 inch at

    • Jimmy Stone / November 18, 2015

      +Tom Andersson I have just a lil bit over 17” my main goal is just to get
      18..thats good enough for me.. I think he has 20+, his arms are way bigger
      than mine. and I haven’t trained that long also I’m not consistent on

    • Michael Swatske / May 3, 2016

      +Tom Andersson a “fitness guy” come on man seriously?! Not a chance

  3. XxEpicGamingxX / December 27, 2015

    The forms on all these exercises are just scary…

  4. XXTALEN / April 16, 2016

    2:58 What kind of Nikes are those?

    • Jesus Shuttlesworth / April 27, 2016

      kobe 9 elite “christmas”

  5. DAVICIOUSX / April 30, 2016

    Yikes this workout is the truth

  6. Mike Carmona / May 16, 2016

    No way n hell u have 20″ inches arms ,do a video and measure them live,I
    would say 19″ inches pumped max

  7. MaxAtTheMax / May 16, 2016

    Mike Rashid, the only bodybuilder that hates training arms…

  8. william esp Borrero / June 6, 2016

    good knowledge to give thanks

  9. flex natural bodybuilding / June 14, 2016

    My elbows hurt just watching big Robs tricep form

  10. sam hart / July 12, 2016

    you aint getting bigger than 20 inch arms naturally well for most people
    that is 20 inches is huge he acts as if its bad lol

  11. J / July 21, 2016

    This video is just bad news for all the young guys trying to build mucle.
    You will get injured over time if you copy this.

    You would probably make the same growth pushing a heavy lawn mower taking
    huge amounts of steroids…

  12. Frankenfaq Stryker / July 21, 2016

    20 Inch? bro.. I met you in person you’re Arms are not 20 inch.. maybe
    pumped ? not cold. measure and make a video

  13. Megafoo / July 22, 2016

    Damn, just got back from the gym and now I want to lift again.

  14. TheBarkerEstate / July 30, 2016

    Are people really saying he looks like 19 inches but not possibly 20?

  15. Ben Cola / August 4, 2016

    How the hell can u hate training arms?? (No hate)

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