Top 10 BEST BENCH PRESS Exercises!

Top 10 Best Bench Press Exercises:

Flat Bench Press
Floor Press
Dumbbell Flat Press
Incline Barbell Press
Single Arm Dumbbell Press
Reverse Grip Bench Press
Decline Bench Press
Kneeling Landmine Press
Close Grip Bench Press
Kettle Bell Stability Press

Here they are Dudes n' Grrrls, our top 10 favorite Bench Press variations. Is there one you thought should have made the list? Let us know in the comments below!



Buff Dudes / Fitness / Top 10 Best Bench Press Variations
Directed/Edited by – Hudson
Starring – Brandon

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  1. Metalmuscles 138 / November 9, 2015


    • ronwyn jacob / November 9, 2015

      +Metalmuscles 138 i see what you did there :>

    • Plymouth roadrunner / November 16, 2015

      +Metalmuscles 138 And best part of the chicken!

  2. bszent / November 9, 2015

    Should I do this all in one day?

    • okan900 / November 10, 2015

      +bszent would probably be an 8 hour chest workout

    • Dr Manhattan / November 11, 2015

      +doom boom to each his own. But I also do full body.

    • welshdragon2008 / November 15, 2015

      +bszent … You wanna look Buff? Then yes. Wanna look like a woman? Then no!

    • Swoll Arms / December 30, 2015

      +bszent If you do, cut down on your weight, reps and sets. I would suggest
      60% of your one rep max, 6-8 reps each exercise and 1-2 sets each or see
      what you CAN do. Good luck and lifting.

  3. dulez ninjaman / November 9, 2015

    Thanks for the tips buff dudes! Just solid no bS advise! And btw Brandon
    ever thought of competing?

    • Daniel Deutschen / November 9, 2015

      well, he focuses more on asthetics, he already did some model jobs

    • taledarkside / November 9, 2015

      +dulez ninjaman Brandon did when he was younger.

  4. Wombat Dribble / November 9, 2015

    Good quality once again Buff Dudes! Appreciating the hard work and thanks
    for the tips!

    • Buff Dudes / November 10, 2015

      +Wombat Dribble Thanks dude!

  5. DIY Duke / November 9, 2015

    just what I needed; back working out again and of course since it’s Monday
    – bench press day!!! Righteous video. Go BUFF DUDES.

    • DIY Duke / November 9, 2015

      +taledarkside very cool, next time they get up here for sure

    • Buff Dudes / November 10, 2015

      +taledarkside That’s a great idea. Plus he’d get some free work out of us.
      On second thought…

    • taledarkside / November 10, 2015

      +Buff Dudes
      Thanks, always glad to give some of my buff ideas to you guys

    • tudor hedes / November 10, 2015

      Hey +Buff Dudes , i watched your videous with home workouts ( chest ,
      back,triceps shulders) do you have a scheduele about how these have to be
      used? i dont think doing all of that daily its a good think, i need a
      routine and thank you for the videous !!

    • bud knowitall / June 7, 2016

      you also need a tutor, learn to spell for fucks sake

  6. Chris Mcdonald / November 9, 2015

    i wish these guys were my neighbors I would be working out with them

    • Johnny Utah / November 9, 2015

      Hell yeah. Becoming a buff dude WITH the buff dudes.

    • taledarkside / November 9, 2015

      id be the guy, thats like, yeah, i use to workout when i was young. We use
      to lift weights and stuff, do you still do that today? Yup, propanes good.

    • Frank MonsterFilm / November 10, 2015

      +Chris Mcdonald Braum said it’s very important to take time to rest!

    • Audioventura / November 17, 2015

      +taledarkside I used to lift but then I took an arrow to the knee 😀

  7. pplchamp111 / November 9, 2015

    The way you guys made the Decline bench press.. Pure genius

    • Buff Dudes / November 10, 2015

      +pplchamp111 Ha, yeah had to improvise a bit on that one.

  8. All hail Andrew / November 10, 2015

    Hey Buff Dudes, could you guys do a video on workouts specifically
    targeting lats/wings? I’ve been searching through but haven’t found a good
    video about it.

    • Patrick McCombie / November 17, 2015

      +Parky Andrew Wide grip latt pulldown. Or, better yet if strong enough,
      wide grip overhand chin ups.

  9. Hogo69 / November 11, 2015

    reverse grip bench weird never heard of that 1.

    • Miguel Jimenez / December 23, 2015

      +Hogo69 Hard af

    • Swoll Arms / December 30, 2015

      +Hogo69 It may seem awkward , but it hits at a different angle. Definitely
      use lighter weight.

  10. Zeeshan Shahzad / November 18, 2015

    Can we do this landmine press on T-Bar row ?

    • Miguel Jimenez / December 23, 2015

      +Zeeshan Shahzad Heeey, if you do it on a t-bar you are going to target
      more your shoulders than your chest actually, with the normal bar you’ll be
      able to squeeze more your upper chest.

  11. Derek Blais / November 20, 2015

    Love the song. What is it?

    • bjrnification / November 26, 2015

      Would also like to know the song name.

  12. Mateusz Banaś / January 1, 2016

    does anybody knows what are his shoes?

  13. Gabriel Mendia / March 27, 2016

    Workouts for football (American)

  14. Ishaz / April 16, 2016

    thats top…thanks

  15. Jim McGuinn / May 1, 2016

    Basically had a massive injury and had to stop all exercise while the
    injury healed, been through a lot of physio and have to stretch every day
    otherwise the injury tightens up, so I’m basically starting training again
    from scratch and not in a good shape at the moment. your channel full of
    brilliant tips and info and I’m gonna come back in a year to show you the
    before and after…. buff dude style

  16. Justin England / May 9, 2016

    Great advice as always dudes, thank you :)

  17. RaggyRog / June 27, 2016

    Are there any exercises that you guys avoid or rather make a point of not
    doing for whatever reason?

  18. Chris Ellis / June 28, 2016

    Actually the landmine press you should bring the bar lower to your mid
    upper ab area. The further you bring the bar away from your chest the more
    stretch and contraction you get 😉 I honestly tried the landmine press with
    the bar more on my upper chest and didn’t feel a thing -_-

  19. Abdullah Al Mamun / July 4, 2016

    bro what to do to reduce chest fat???

    • Nate Johnson / July 6, 2016

      Can’t spot reduce fat. Just gonna have to lose weight.

  20. MAX PAIN / July 18, 2016

    Excellent breakdown ????

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