Total Body and Core Exercises- Barbell core training

– Human Foundations Series

A barbell core workout routine for the advanced fitness enthusiast. These core training exercises are highly beneficial for developing rotational strength.

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  1. Mayra Garcia / June 19, 2014

    I loveeee your videos!!! I actually do them at my gym…. i love when guys
    stand and gather around to see how its DONE!!!

    Of coarse in between i add my own xtreme training!!! 

    • Dario Alexander / January 5, 2016

      +Mayra Garcia If that is a real pic of you Mayra then im pretty sure they
      are standing around to get a look at you and the excercise is there excuse
      to why they are standing there.

  2. Jorge Piza / August 3, 2014

    Estos conceptos de entrenamiento funcional, carecen de toda fundamentación
    Biomecánica. Además de ser totalmente contraindicados para pacientes. Esto
    es solo para llenar los bolsillos de entrenadores irresponsables, y de
    alumnos ingenuos. 

    • Human Optimization / March 5, 2015

      de que maneras son “contraindicados” para nosotros? Naudi, ignore this
      little guy, haha. I just honestly want to know what his reasons are.

    • functionalpatterns / April 2, 2015

      These are his reasons Eric. Either his identity has been attacked or his
      financial interest has been attacked and that’s why he’s putting forth an

    • Randal Painter / August 13, 2015

      +Jorge Piza A Cutting Edge Guide to The How And Why of Core Training –>>>

    • Jorge Piza / October 7, 2015

    • Jorge Piza / October 7, 2015

      with great respect but blogspot is not serious literature. When studying at
      any university , or is inquiring is determined that there is a level of
      evidence used at the level of Science, the first level is A, the most
      reliable, because Forever results more reliably repeated , B is based on
      less reliable studies , and C , most studies dealing to determine their
      Sport is not immune to this reality science, its you use a blogspot to
      support its knowledge , is walking on wet surfaces, and can be slipping.
      I recommend the NSCA , it is the worldwide leader in sports science.

  3. Xandre C (BFIT MOVEMENT) / October 22, 2014

    awesome stuff here 

  4. xSolareas PVP channel / December 25, 2014

    Hey naudi, how do you ensure that your arms will not be the limiting factor
    in these exercises? They seem to use a lot of shoulder muscles. How can I
    be sure that I am working the aos and pos effectively. 

    • Randal Painter / August 13, 2015

      +xSolareas PVP channel Dean Somerset has quickly emerged as an outstanding
      resource in the fitness industry. I really enjoy reading his stuff, and I’m
      sure you will, too –>>>

  5. Ben Dekkers / February 3, 2015

    My goodness, what a great workout. Just what I needed. Thanks!

  6. jhon henry gils pons / February 13, 2015

    also work explosive power to the punch……good

  7. bearclaw665 / March 7, 2015


  8. AbeDaBabe01 / March 13, 2015

    Adding music to when you are working out will make this more
    “entertaining”?? haha i just think music is always better 

    • sukr bait / August 1, 2015

      +AbeDaBabe01 oh yea..let him play music while he talks would be a great

    • AbeDaBabe01 / August 3, 2015

      Do you have a concept on what equalizing volume is?? haha c’mon bro you
      can do better than troll on random people over such simple things. hahaha

  9. Kirosana Perkunos / April 1, 2015

    Looks good!

  10. Thomas Kilroy / July 15, 2015

    naudi, is it a good idea to be working out without footwear?? i think not.

    • sukr bait / August 1, 2015

      +Thomas Kilroy thats your opinion….nothing more.

    • Shane Gillins / November 9, 2015

      +sukr bait that’s funny, cut that’s the exact same thing I said when he
      said CrossFit only does sagittal plane movements. Lol I guess swimming,
      biking, swinging a sledge hammer, sprinting, paddle board racing, rope
      climbing, etc don’t count as rotating movements then.

  11. Victor R Crechuska / July 26, 2015

    hola Naudi, hablas español? muy bueno tu trabajo!!, me encanto!!

  12. Pablo Cid / August 24, 2015

    Isn’t this called ipsilateral movement?

  13. Jesus / October 7, 2015

    Crossfit is so boring this is the real deal

  14. Kiko Training / October 14, 2015

    increíble !!!!!!!!!

  15. Joel Morales / October 25, 2015

    doe anyboy know what this barbell setup is called? im looking for more
    exercises with it.

  16. M CRUZ / January 8, 2016


  17. MedinahEnt / January 13, 2016

    How many times and sets shall I do with this rotation strength exercise?

    • Schamottriese / May 21, 2016

      +MedinahEnt 3 x 10 on each as a circuit training is what I will do.

  18. michael loxham / February 23, 2016

    Great video, thanks man!

  19. Paul Egan / February 28, 2016

    Put some trainers on.

  20. Notorious B.I.Z. / March 17, 2016

    My Ninja

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