Total Upper Body Dumbbell Workout

Do NOT go to the gym before you watch this video:

What's up Sixpackshortcutters!

Today I've got an awesome workout for you that will work your entire upper body. This is a great workout to do if you want to get your beach ready body up for the summer, and it's also a great way to work your entire upper body at home in just a few minutes.

Here's the breakdown:

Back: One Arm Dumbbell Rows (10 reps)
Chest: Clapping Push-Ups (10 reps)
Shoulders: Standing Dumbbell Press (10 reps)
Biceps: Dumbbell Curls (10 reps)
Triceps: Triceps Extensions (10 reps)
Traps: Shrugs (20 reps)

How to put it all together:

do all the exercises with the reps I laid out above, and this will be 1 round. Do 4 rounds to complete the entire workout.

I'll demonstrate the form for these exercises in this video. Be sure to follow the form of the exercises that I demonstrate so that you stay safe, and so the exercises are effective for getting you ripped.

Hope you liked the workout and drop a comment below to let me know how you did.

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Train hard,


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  1. Nixxiom / January 13, 2016

    I know there’s no way you’re going to see this comment, since I highly
    doubt you check comments on videos from 4 years ago, but I’d just like to
    say thank you for taking the time to make all this content. My goal this
    year is to lose 60-80 pounds and your videos have been a big help so far.
    Already in just my first two weeks of dieting and exercising I’ve lost 8
    pounds! It might not sound like much, but to me, someone who has never
    worked out before, it is. Also considering the fact my plan was to lose at
    a minimum of 5 pounds a month (at 12 months the 60 goal would be met), yet
    thanks to all your information, I could lose almost 3 times that amount in
    a single month! That’s crazy and I love you for it, man. Each day I look
    forward to working out and it’s becoming enjoyable for me to feel that
    ‘worn yet warm’ feeling in my muscles after I’m done with my routines.
    Thanks again, dude. You rock.

    • kuterv / July 5, 2016

      +Drake Faolin yeah, grilled veggies are nice, not big fun of chicken tho’,
      prefer meet or some seafood. Regarding protein shakes, I’d rather eat some
      food which contains protein in it.
      It is not like I am only eating junk food, I just basically eat what ever
      and when ever I like.
      And hell can not live without cookies, it is not particularly unhealthy
      just too many calories.

    • THE GAME TESTER / July 12, 2016

      u did this workout?

    • joy m.b / July 27, 2016

      if i do only those workout I get ripped for the hole upper buddy?? there
      are a lot of work out for each part of the upper body for example 3 types
      of chest upper , mid , lower and the shoulder has also 3 types are front ,
      back , & mid . are those workout can cover all of it . please advise ?

    • kuterv / July 28, 2016

      +joy m.b Do not remember what he did in the video but it should work for
      everything. Most of exercises are compound so few muscles are developing by

  2. TraceguyRune / April 6, 2016

    If I do all these only for 90 days, will that build my upper body? Or will
    I need to do others not mentioned?

    • Allen Tom / May 19, 2016

      u might wanna do the other chest back videos in the channel it helps as well

  3. Roberto Damian / May 2, 2016

    Note: 5:00 Important

  4. Gregory Megatron / May 8, 2016

    Can you send me a check for drywall repair .. Put at hole in my ceiling at

  5. DuartChannel / June 2, 2016

    Add some music to this workout!! It helps :P

  6. YOUNGHUGSVLOGS / June 4, 2016

    This is to much

  7. The Gamer 101 / June 10, 2016

    I take muscle tech nitro tech which has 30 G protein and 3 g creatine per
    serving I’m drinking 1 after my workout I’m 14 and weigh 130 and I’m 5″10
    am I doing good ? Leave recommendations please thank you

    • TankPlays / July 5, 2016

      I’m 14 5,10 and 140 I’m trying to get 150 with muscle

    • YoutubeOrganism / August 1, 2016

      +TankPlays Eat lots

  8. Anonymous Squad / June 12, 2016

    this guy looks like the person in fast and Furious

  9. F red / July 2, 2016

    he has no more 6 packs, lol

  10. Mark Le / July 6, 2016

    thanks so much mike. i thought after i became diabetic my muscles would
    never come back ever again… after this workout routine for 1 month i
    already saw a big difference. you gave me back my hope.

  11. Kelly Manuel / July 8, 2016

    When I do one arm dumbbell rolls I know I do it properly but I always feel
    it in my shoulder and less in my back

  12. kingdom7777777 / July 9, 2016

    can i do these while sitting? I have a bad back and standing just isnt

    • lipan Sebastian / July 11, 2016

      You shouldn’t even lift if you have back problems or at least go see a

  13. Abi Thampi / July 27, 2016

    Was he legit lifting 50kg or 50 pounds….

  14. Runa Kinsley / August 4, 2016

    1:54 For those who want to just get started

    I loved these exercises, this is one of my favorite upper body workouts.

  15. jo lak / August 4, 2016

    I just watched this and it is indeed very helpful, Thanks

  16. kyle langford / August 5, 2016

    Roughly how many calories would this burn?

  17. tsering wangyal / August 6, 2016

    How often?

  18. tsering wangyal / August 6, 2016

    How often do you recommend

  19. Blazer_ Punisher / August 7, 2016

    I have 10 lb dumbell I’m 14 years old can it affect my growth

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