Train with Kai – Kai Greene Back Workout (Part 1)

Part 2:
The new Train with Kai Greene. Train with Kai Greene Back workout. Presented by musclemeds

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  1. Ronald Wade / March 27, 2014

    To hear he has great deltoids from Kai made him feel good af haha.

  2. Sevensky Gaming / December 28, 2014

    I’m watching this while eating Oreos and milk.

  3. GEORGE.W. BIATCH. / February 28, 2015

    Watching Kai Greene videos made me realize that I have been going to the
    gym for 4 years for nothing. I have been lifting weight without
    understanding the process of muscle development and any of the fundamentals
    of bodybuilding. Kai Greene is by far the best teacher in the world. 

    • Achristic / November 24, 2015

      Isn’t that right brother? I trained for years as a teen and early 20’s and
      my most progress has been made in the last year. Not only thanks to Kai
      (huge impact) but comming to realize that , being well informed and
      intentiones makes a great deal of difference

    • RanThaMan / May 25, 2016

      Oh man, you can’t say enough good things about Kai. He’s great and humble.

  4. GrowndCrewMember / March 16, 2015

    Is KAi chewing a cinemon stick wtf, does that make any sense?

    • Alex Valls / September 1, 2015

      It gives you energy and a teeny tiny bit of fat burning

    • Jackson Smith / November 16, 2015

      +GrowndCrewMember cinnamon is supposed to raise testosterone temporarily

  5. hititdj / June 28, 2015

    if you take note of what kai says you will see results in the future, does
    that make sense?

  6. VJ Silva / August 30, 2015

    kai : ” so we gonna start off with some pullups ” – how many u gonna try to
    kai : ” actually what i want you to do though is to use your back.. use
    your back.. i dont really care how many we do. ”

    haha ! nailed it.. bodybuilding philosopher and true champion.

  7. Poland syndrome bodybuilding / September 22, 2015

    that pimp jacket

  8. 张琦 / September 23, 2015

    real champion,a master of bodybuilding,great teacher!!! love u man

  9. Nija Bhaava / September 30, 2015

    that reverse pec dec is for back? or rear delts

  10. Guido Sgarano torres / October 17, 2015

    why dips?

  11. Denis Flinn / October 29, 2015

    “Kai has his PhD in bodybuilding” – the guy nailed it

  12. R4G3 / December 16, 2015

    kais leather jacket is as gangster as it gets

  13. Tooba Scooba / January 21, 2016

    You can tell Kai saw alot of himself in this guy. He liked him alot more
    than the other guys in this series.

    • Mike Vig / February 22, 2016

      +Luke Lavington i think it also had a lot to do with this guy being a
      already accomplished bodybuilder. He was able to keep up a bit better and
      already had great conditioning.

    • that guy you don't know / May 14, 2016

      +Tooba Scooba plus he keeps quite and listens.

  14. Tyler Rafferty / March 1, 2016

    This workout inspired my back routine and my warm up routine for the past
    year and a half. Kai’s exercise choice and reasoning for the choices goes a
    lot deeper than other people in the industry give him credit for.

  15. Ritchie R / March 18, 2016

    very true what this guy says a lot of bodybuilder videos on youtube don’t
    teach just so and so does back/chest here’s the video of him doing back but
    they don’t explain like Kai does. I will give credit to Jay Cutler he does
    have some instructional videos that I have seen useful. This guy seems more
    humble , other guys that have trained with Kai have come across as arrogant
    or cocky. I just want to slap them and say listen to him this is Kai greene
    ! LOL

  16. ar ken / May 29, 2016

    this time they focus on upper back and traps ?

  17. DaBurninator / July 25, 2016

    anyone know the 5 sec hiphop song ad that played before this video?

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