Trapezius Exercises – Barbell Shrugs For Building Big Traps

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  1. rr92890 / May 15, 2009

    everything is genetics

  2. pls stahp / May 20, 2009

    I’m so confused. I’ve been working out for a while, however, I never really
    did anything for my traps, although, they are quite defined. I managed to
    shrug 200kg for 6, on the Shrug Rack. How is that even possible.

  3. Ahmet Can Varg√ľn / May 23, 2009

    in general traps respond faster than the other muscles of the body if u
    dont wanna enup like a walking pen dont over do traps exercises once a week
    is ok for good looking upper body

  4. AikidoSaintTKE / June 5, 2009

    You just stopped me from doing shrugs. Thanks. Guess I’ll stick to deads
    and High Pulls for my Trap work.

  5. dietaryfiber15 / June 18, 2009

    both exercises workout different parts of the cant say “oh dont do
    shruggs just dead lift”. shrugs:traps, dead lift:lower back

  6. AudiV8Power / June 24, 2009

    No you don’t. You should always use as much weight as you can control. I
    use about 12Kg per dumbell, and my traps are just as big as I want them.

  7. Headache721 / July 20, 2009

    i do front shrugs, dumbell and back shrugs. also upright row with flat bar
    (wider grip) and e-z bar (narrow grip) plus deadlift will build some nice
    traps too.

  8. Eric S / July 26, 2009

    for traps all i do is upright barbell rows 3 sets every week on my back
    day, and my traps are growing like crazy. (the other exercises i do on back
    day are lat pulldowns and dumbbell rows)

  9. julioigna71 / August 9, 2009

    Why I have headaches after doing this exercise? Is strechted a lot but
    still painful exercise.

  10. EssayPrime / August 22, 2009

    traps already building getting ready for wrestling season

  11. taekwondoBEN / September 4, 2009

    i train almost every day with ma dad. how long around abouts will it take
    to get a decent definition with my shoulders. i have been trainin for 3
    months almost every night 1 to 1.30 hours a night.

  12. riKringkast / September 9, 2009

    I’m unable to do heavy deadlifts due to asymmetrical/twisted spinal support
    muscles, shrugs work wonders on my traps.

  13. bboydjoe / September 14, 2009

    does doing shrugs work your lower chest too? cuz it seems to make my lower
    chest bigger whenever i do shrugs

  14. Shawn Ng / September 15, 2009

    I workout regularly and intensively. I have all the nice delts, chest,
    back. arms abs and legs but I just don’t have nice and define traps. I do
    my shrugs and upright row, but I just don’t seem to develop them. Is it
    because I’m doing it wrongly? Any suggestions and advice??

  15. Christian Castro / September 21, 2009

    what would be a good home workout to get trapezius if you don’t have
    shrugs? if there is any please reply

  16. ATLDRUELZ / September 22, 2009

    i heard shrugs were just lazy workout for those who didnt wanna deadlift.
    lol. sounds like me. hahaha. i like shrugs better than deadlift. for me it
    works my traps more than deadlift.. but yeah

  17. Flavio Sam / October 17, 2009

    someone in here do this? and is getting big traps?

  18. krisb2k6y / November 2, 2009

    are you stupid deadlift does lower back shrugs do traps…

  19. octoxd / November 23, 2009

    lolz. i weight 55 kilopounds and lift 10x 90 kilo.. x 3.. ofc

  20. Angel G / December 9, 2009


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