Triceps Exercises – Close Grip Barbell Bench Press

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  1. youtuba555 / March 9, 2009

    i always thought with close grip bench your elbows should be out not in? im
    almost 10% sure im right, but i guess i cant argue with you, LOOK AT THOSE

  2. Hagen20013 / March 26, 2009

    Naw you want your elbows to your sides with close grip because that range
    of motion hits your triceps more than flaring them out.

  3. sumballaboi / April 4, 2009

    apparanty this doesnt work unless ur lifting heavy, how heavy is heavy? btw
    im 16.

  4. 6duffman9 / April 14, 2009

    I usually warm up with this exercise at 155 lbs, then take it from there.
    If I were you, i would get the form down first. The weight will increase
    with time. I would recommend a spotter to ensure you keep the proper form
    and tempo. Remember slow means grow.

  5. sean3210 / April 17, 2009

    Depends. But generally, you should only just be able to push out 12 reps.
    If you can no more than 12 then you need to increase the weight.

  6. bluemoonseller / May 2, 2009

    around 300 pounds.

  7. martinmerrywinkle / May 25, 2009

    uses the delts a lot too, like virtually every arm exercise

  8. Hayden K / June 16, 2009

    skull crushers

  9. chicagolegend / July 8, 2009

    so im guessin you should train triceps a few days after chest

  10. LostAngel MCMLXXX / July 13, 2009

    If you do this excerise right you can add some serious mass to your triceps!

  11. dan callaway / July 23, 2009

    why pay for a personal trainer…….. youtube is your personal trainer!..

  12. Collin Little / August 18, 2009

    If the weight scares you to have it over your head, then it’s heavy.

  13. SavageSword1 / August 19, 2009

    can u do this on the smith machine aswell?

  14. Matt Tran / August 20, 2009

    heavy depends on the person. You should be doing 8-9 reps per set if you
    want to bulk up. with about 2min rests (most people say 1min but I think
    that’s too short if you’re bulking). You shouldn’t be able to do more than
    10 reps, if you can its too light.

  15. Matt Tran / August 20, 2009

    its elbows in, you feel triceps working harder when they’re in. Similar to
    doing a push-up with elbows in.

  16. Patrick Brozović / August 25, 2009

    smmforum, I agree with you…And that’s 100% true

  17. ekiezama / August 28, 2009

    in my personal opinion should be more effective negative 4 second positive
    2 second !!!!! thats it , u going to get more pump and make your fibre
    muscle much more involved

  18. shadowsh20 / August 29, 2009

    Well you dont really want it to be heavy that much cause It messes up ya

  19. hellauglytinted / September 1, 2009

    how heavy is it?? 35 lbs. each???

  20. RemeberME ReMaS / November 29, 2009

    isn’t for triceps thix exercise ?

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