Triceps press for big arms

Want huge arms? Most people only work out biceps when they want big arms, big mistake. Working out triceps is the easiest way to make the arm bigger!

Nutrition is key to being able to add muscle! I cover nutrition on my website, if thats not detailed enough for you I have reviewed and recommended some excellent books:

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  1. Eric Niehaus / June 7, 2013

    You don’t need big muscles for girls to like you! I’m sure you’re cool
    anyway! (although bigger arms certainly won’t hurt in most cases)

  2. bittercottoncandy / June 9, 2013

    how can you tell?

  3. Gapi P / June 9, 2013

    if he was he would be a major failure since he’d have to be much bigger
    after over 20 years of bodybuilding if he really was doing roids… which
    he’s not…

  4. DaWescBoy / June 10, 2013

    Scooby , what should you do with stretch marks ?

  5. 5tubegolfer / June 10, 2013

    wow you are a psychic?

  6. Bozymandias1 / June 12, 2013

    is it possible to do this with dumbells?

  7. DigitalDreams / June 15, 2013

    You actually got me there. I’m so impatient with my warm ups. Not to sure
    about stretching though. I did hear some advise about stretching being
    better for you after a workout, rather than before. Stretching before is

  8. ibiza1290 / June 15, 2013

    I stretch before and after, I find before improves blood flow to the
    muscles you’re working out and makes you’re body more limber and stretching
    after minimises stiffness.

  9. siddhesh passte / June 19, 2013

    ya carry weights nt more than 6 kgs per duml, n have a slow and control
    motion make sure that u lift those at same levels till ur skull or ur chin
    depending upon d variation u use….!! good luck!! – SID

  10. MiniGhost / June 21, 2013

    Hey scooby, how do you organize all those workouts?

  11. Hue Hue / June 21, 2013

    Seriously scooby, thanks a lot for the vids. they’re really useful, and i
    really appreciate the time you put into them -anon

  12. kumar kancha / June 22, 2013

    Happy I stumbled upon this vid. Youtube is fantastic for this kind of
    content.My best friend was formerly bullied. He stated he was intending to
    get bigger. I did not believe him. But then out of thin air he gained 40
    pounds of full-strength muscle. He tried the Muscle Building Bible – Google
    it. He does not get bullied nowadays. 🙂 I subscribed last week. See what
    happens. And this guys emails are fucking awesome…

  13. John Kasern / June 27, 2013

    Scooby, your stuff is in my top 3 finds on the internet. Greets from Greece

  14. MrWright621 / June 28, 2013

    Scooby, I gotta ask you a question. With this exercise, how many reps
    should you be able to do with your good form? I tried it last night and the
    weight I was using was heavy enough to where at about 5 or 6 reps I’d start
    having the flared elbows. Should I drop weight to be able to do more reps?

  15. Abdul Meslat / July 13, 2013

    Would 3-4 weeks of tricep and bicep workouts give u big arms???

  16. don ste / July 15, 2013

    Thanks for all the great advice Scooby and for keeping it free! Finally,
    sensible information without a personal agenda…

  17. Ngamer834 / October 16, 2015

    I don’t have a barbell but I’ve found I can do these with one dumbell by
    holding it at the sides. Only good if there’s just a couple of plates
    though so the hands can still grip.

    • scooby1961 / October 16, 2015

      +Ngamer834 dumbbells work to, I have a video on that also … I think 🙂

  18. Paul Pump / June 10, 2016

    you should have drawn eyes on your chin for this video!

  19. chrispotterfan / July 16, 2016

    Hi, Scooby
    first of all thanks for your awesome videos and advices. I really
    appreciate what you do.
    With these scull crushes I experienced some heavy pain in my ellbow joints.
    Can you recommend any alternative exercices? :)

  20. Eli Fabbricante / July 23, 2016

    What is your advice on starvation mode? I wanted to start losing a little
    weight just to feel better and healthier, but I started looking into
    starvation mode and it scares me thinking I might do all this weight loss
    and exercising for nothing. Do you have any advice on how to avoid it? Does
    it affect teens?

    • scooby1961 / July 24, 2016

      Skip the BS. If you want to lose fat do it at a sensible 25% caloric
      deficit, any more and you risk muscle loss

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