Weight Training Workout – The Glute Bridge With Barbell

Weight Training Workout – The Glute Bridge With Barbell.
Explosive sports specific exercise.
Targets glutes.
Top end movement of glutes.
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Music: Kevin MacLeod – Incompetech.com

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  1. Chris Brown / September 17, 2011

    @Body4Beach yha buddy if u never done them b4 yes can hurt for a few days

  2. velo1337 / October 27, 2011

    if your doing this exercise your going to look like this guy on the video

  3. Shanti Shanti / February 8, 2012

    I do these at the gym, but i do the variety where you crawl up on a flat
    bench (shoulders resting on the bench). They are the only exercise i have
    found that really target the top part of the glutes (gluteus minimus i
    think its called). I quickly got over the embarrassment the first time i
    did them–i was incredibly sore on the top of the gluteus. I find they work
    great doing them first to activate the gluteus before other exercises.

  4. Harris Benjamin / February 12, 2012

    Hey I am a guy training primarily for mass but also care a lot about my
    strength gains. I have a feeling that my glutes are very weak but I am not
    sure how strong I should be on this exercise. My max squat is about 220 and
    my deadlift is about 300. I did this exercises for the first time today and
    did 95×10.. It was after a long leg session so my glutes were pretty tired
    but I still feel this is weak.big butt plus stronger lifts is goal. I weigh
    142lbs now. Strength goals for this exercise??

  5. nimbette2 / May 11, 2012

    How heavy is enough…have about 100 lbs of barbel

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