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  1. Informed Fitness / April 20, 2015

    Women who deadlift are hot as hell!

    • Free Floating / April 20, 2015

      +Samantha Meholick You are not hot 😛

    • Sinauna / April 20, 2015

      These women lifts to compensate their manly cavemen faces, eww.

    • AngryBuddha / April 20, 2015

      +Far East Warriors Gio has a manly face?

    • Jay Freizah / April 21, 2015

      +BearKillerBJJ Gio has a nice soft womanly face, the older looking women
      with the dark hair is not the most appealing in the face. The blonde looks
      like she could be on Testosterone, as her jaw bone looks too unnatural for
      a women to have. All three are most likely drug free though.

    • CuddleFIsh / April 26, 2015

      As deadlift who hot hell are women.

  2. Pablo Picasso / April 20, 2015

    Ugh… got excited for a new vid to realize it was a repost from Geo.

    • extreme5100 / April 20, 2015

      Yeah I hate that they do that its so fucking annoying so I just dislike all
      the videos now lmao

    • Ric Rac / April 21, 2015

      +Pablo Picasso Easy fix: unsub her

    • Bones / April 23, 2015

      +extreme5100 Me too lol along with Maxx Chewing, Christian Guzman, Josie
      Mae, Obese to Beast, Nick Wright, Jazmin Garcia, and a few others who bug

  3. Samantha Meholick / April 20, 2015

    I wish I knew other females that lift.

    • savagepinksock / April 26, 2015

      +Alex Reynolds lol you think i’m an american?

    • Ryan Chan / April 28, 2015

      Calm down, guys (or girls, I don’t really know). You came here for a fine
      powerlifter commenting on another fine powerlifter, not to prove some sort
      of masculinity, superiority, or vent off some sort of misplaced anger.

    • jakegamesnake / July 3, 2015

      +Ryan Chan are you 9 year old powerlifter too?

  4. Taylor Alicia / November 28, 2015

    titties @ 3:44 you’re welcome

    • Joe Smoe / February 22, 2016

      +Taylor Alicia

      Booby traps!

    • Joe Smoe / February 29, 2016

      +Taylor Alicia

      Are those tittiez real?

    • Taylor Alicia / February 29, 2016

      +Joe Smoe upon extensive instagram creeping I have concluded…… nah

    • GenesisGaming504 / April 9, 2016

      +Taylor Alicia thought it was gonna be urs

    • Ryan Riddick / July 11, 2016

      Those are real! They bounce and they aren’t at her neck!

  5. Fernandez Gaming / January 22, 2016

    what ethnicity is geo ?jw

  6. Tom zxzu / March 22, 2016

    Krissy is so damn hot..my perfect woman

  7. DronZizzle / April 7, 2016

    what about fatass women who lift pink 2 lb dumbells, are they beautiful to?

    • Artika Gunathdotdotdot / July 13, 2016

      Yes they are, albeit slightly misinformed.

  8. Spill Burg / April 26, 2016

    more like woah!men

  9. DINO BRAVO / May 10, 2016

    Very Nice! I gotta show this to my GF. Maybe this will get her motivated.

  10. herculesbrah / May 22, 2016

    i’m epileptic now

  11. Melis Vlogs / May 23, 2016

    “your body is dope” haha love it

    • Kayla Rock / August 3, 2016

      best way to end the video lol

  12. izzy hu / June 7, 2016

    That was such a good video love you Geo!!!!!!

  13. blknazn1 / June 23, 2016

    barbell brigade always banging dope hip hop music in the background

  14. Nguyên Khoa Đặng / June 29, 2016

    Is it common for long torso lifters like Geo round their T-spine? it looks
    like it may snap one day

    • Nguyên Khoa Đặng / July 14, 2016

      +bruce1164​ im talking about deads.

    • thesports gamer / July 31, 2016

      +Nguyên Khoa Đặng they say u can slightly round your t-spine a little, but
      a lot (like geo does, way too much) can make you snap your back. if she had
      lumbar spine flexion, she would snap it easier than it is for the t-spine.
      that’s y a lot of people tell geo to get her form start because soon she
      will go to snap city

    • Nguyên Khoa Đặng / July 31, 2016

      +thesports gamer and only elites do this. They have some best lifters at
      Barbell and somehow she doesnt nail down the form smh

  15. Elias Yazigi / July 1, 2016

    Do you really need clips on bench lmao, I mean… It’s bench

  16. Dusky Racer / July 21, 2016

    those women are kinda manly but Geo is very feminine.

  17. Boston Ellmyer / July 31, 2016

    As i’ve gotten more into fitness its so much easier for me to see the
    difference between men and women strength wise. I was a gymnast growing up
    so had a lot of upper body strength but within 5 weeks of working out I
    benched 165 for 5. For some women powerlifters that is almost near their
    max which they have working for months/years to achieve and i got to it in
    less than 6 weeks. I’m not trying to get at anything by this comment other
    than just how different men and women are physically.

  18. Mark M / August 1, 2016

    Women don’t get big without steroids or growth hormone. Yes its that
    simple. And cussing is a weakness girl.

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