World’s BEST Fat Burning Workout (using just a pair dumbbells)


Hey I'm Kate Vidulich, Metabolic Training expert and Certified Turbulence Trainer with Fat Loss Accelerators.

In this video, I have a hybrid metabolic complex you can try today. It's perfect for people with no time and limited equipment and space.
You only need a single pair of dumbbells. Choose a weight you can lift overhead for 10 reps.

Here's the workout plan for you. It won't take longer than 15 minutes

1A: DB RDL x 8
1B: DB Alternating Reverse Lunge x 8
1C:Renegade Row x 8
1D: Push Ups x 8
1E: Plank Jacks x 14
– rest 60s and repeat for 4 rounds

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Go hard and have fun losing fat today!


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  1. Kevin Lin / August 10, 2013

    Does this work for both men and women? Cause I’m thinking about trying this
    when I have spare time

  2. LM907 / August 11, 2013

    thanks Kate

  3. Diane Houser / October 9, 2013

    Great..there’s more and I shall find them.

  4. warfighter1988 / December 11, 2013

    Does this really work cuz Im a kickboxer and currently nit doing kickboxing
    or running because of back injury and this doesnt look intensive enough 

  5. SANJU LAMBERT / January 15, 2014

    most owsm thing is ?:::::::::::::

    still no disLikes :P

  6. Quenie Jean D. / June 19, 2014

    What dumb bells do you use and how heavy?

  7. jonny blank / July 20, 2014

    It will Speed up fat burning but then again any exercise will. To burn fat
    is pretty dam simple, Eat less than you use…. 

    • Stuart Birchall / June 12, 2016

      Yea but you can also dig further like cardio on an empty stomach will burn
      more fat than cardio after a meal or carbs whereas after carbs it will just
      tend to use those carbs as energy. Too many people just slug it away on
      bikes and treadmills for hours when you can just do shorter high intensity
      workouts with better results .

  8. Sertaneja Fan / November 15, 2014

    These moves are too intense for people who are overweight. Push ups, the
    bending through knees and all. Not good for joints and too difficult. This
    is maybe best for people who are already trained like the woman in the
    video. Sigh.

    • ChalkTalkTV / March 17, 2016

      +Sertaneja Fan Eliminate “I can’t” from your vocabulary

  9. soneelita / March 8, 2015

    Thank u ……..

  10. Keith McClean / July 19, 2015

    I’m seeing a pattern here – most instructors recommend the 1st exercise in
    some form or another be it with a bar or like in this video. Good clear
    instruction BTW – Thank you.

  11. My NameIs Tooshort / July 11, 2016

    Dumbbell Burpees, Thrusters and lunges with curls.

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